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14 M 51.1
William MacGeorge
Five sermons preached before and after the celebration of the Lord's supper. 8vo. Listed in Books in Hell.
Edinburgh 1729
14 M 52.1
Henry Wharton
Fourteen sermons preach'd in Lambeth chapel ... in the years MDCLXXXVIII. MDCLXXXIX. 8vo. Wing W 1563. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1697
14 M 53.1
Hezekiah Burton
Several discourses: viz. I. Of purity and charity. II. Of repentance. III. Of seeking first the kingdom of God. 8vo. Wing B 6179
London 1684
14 M 54.1
George Stradling
A sermon preach'd before the King at White-Hall, Jan. 30. 1674/5: At the anniversary commemoration of the martyrdom of King Charles I. 4to. Wing S 5782
London 1675
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