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10 M 67
John Heigham
A devout exposition of the holie masse. 12mo. 2nd ed. ARCR II, 412
St. Omer 1622
10 M 68-69
Martin Greene
The voyce of truth or the high way leading to true peace. 12mo. Two copies. Clancy 475. In Weldon under M.G. and with the second part of the title.
Ghent 1676
10 M 70
John Falconer
Fasciculus myrrhae. Or a briefe treatise of our Lord and Saviours passion. 12mo. ARCR II, 264. In Weldon under J.F.
n.p. 1633
10 M 71
Francisco Arias
The little memorial concerning the good and fruitfull use of the sacraments. 12mo. ARCR II, 323. Translated by Henry Garnet.
Rouen 1602
10 M 72
Henry Garnet
The societie of the rosary. Wherin is conteined the begining, increase, & profit of the same. 8vo. ARCR II, 319 or 320. Anon. ARCR states that the work was printed secretly in England in the years 1593-1597.
n.p. n.d.
10 M 72.2
Richard Steward
Three sermons preached by the reverend and learned Dr. Richard Stuart: to which is added, a fourth sermon, preached by the right reverend father in God, Samuel Harsnett. 12mo. 2nd ed. Wing S 5527
London 1658
10 M 73
Antonio de Molina
A treatise of mental prayer. Ed. John Wilson. 12mo. ARCR II, 812. By Antonio de Molina and Francisco Arias. In ARCR under the translator/editor John Wilson. ARCR suggests St. Omer as the place of publication.
n.p. 1617
10 M 73.2
François la Combe
Sacra orationis theologia duobus libellis; quorum alter theoreticus & recentior, analysis orationis mentalis. Ed. Pierre Poiret. 12mo. Other authors involved were Gerlach Peters and Raimundus Lullius.
Amsterdam 1711
10 M 74
Jean Hugues Quarré
Devout entertainments of a christian soule. 12mo. Clancy 818.5. 'Translated by J[ohn Paulet] M[arquis of] W[inchester] Prisoner in the Tower of London'.
Paris 1648
10 M 75
George More
Principles for young princes: collected out of sundry authors. 12mo. STC 18068
London 1611
10 M 76
Jeremias Drexel
The school of patience in three books. Tr. by R. S. 12mo. STC 7240
London 1640
10 M 77
Jeremias Drexel
Considerations of Drexelius upon eternity. 12mo. There are eds from 1632 till 1710.
n.p. n.d.
10 M 77.2
Sylvester Jenks
A contrite and humble heart, with motives & considerations to prepare it. 12mo. 2nd ed. Clancy 544. Anon.
n.p. 1693
10 M 78
Juan de Bonilla
A short treatise of the quiet of the soul: how necessary a thing it is, and how it may be attained. 12mo. Clancy 113.5. On the title-page the author's name is given as John de Bovilla. Not in Wing. This is Augustine Baker's translation.
n.p. 1658
10 M 78.2
Matthias Weyer
The narrow path of divine truth. 12mo. Not traced. Probably a mistake for 1683 since all bibliographical sources list a 1683 ed.
London 1684
10 M 79-79.2
Five treatises. 12mo. Clancy 380. Two copies. Only the first treatise is by Vincent de Lérins, the other four are by Savonarola and St. Augustine. Weldon gives the separate titles.
n.p. 1651
10 M 79.3
Pierre Oudin
Le zèle du salut des âmes et la manière de s'y employer avec fruit. Not traced. BnF and Unicat have a Paris 1669 ed.
Chalons 1687
10 M 80
Louis de Blois
The fournice of divine love. Clancy 102.3. A compilation of passages from various works by Blosius. Not in Wing.
Cambrai 1678
10 M 81-82
Thomas Doughty
The practice how to finde ease, rest, repose, content, and happiness. Part 1 and 2. 12mo. 2nd ed. 2 vols. ARCR II, 181-2. Anon. By Thomas Doughty, alias or vere Dawson, alias Simons, in religion Simon Stock of St. Mary.
Douai, Rouen 1618, 1619
10 M 83
Henri-Marie Boudon
The wayes of the crosse or the way to true knowledge. 12mo. Clancy 131. Anon.
Paris 1676
10 M 83.2
Antonio de Molina
Spiritual exercises, very profitable for active persons desirous of their salvation. 12mo. In ARCR II, 186, under Abraham Ellis, the translator.
Mechelen 1623
10 M 84
Francis Borgia
The practice of christian workes. 12mo. ARCR II, 810. Translated from the Spanish by T. Everard. Dedicatory epistle signed by John Wilson.
n.p. 1620
10 M 84.2
Francisco de Losa
The life of Gregorie Lopes. 24mo. ARCR II, 802
Paris 1638
10 M 85
Lorenzo Scupoli
The spirituall combat ... With a letter of S. Eucherius, bishop of Lyons. 12mo. Clancy 873
Paris 1656
10 M 86
Saint Clare
The rule of the holy virgin S. Clare. Togeather with the admirable life of S. Catherine of Bologna. 16mo. ARCR II, 119. ARCR suggests St. Omer.
n.p. 1621
10 M 87
A breefe method or way teachinge all sorts of christian people, how to serve God. 24mo. ARCR II, 506
St. Omer 1625
10 M 88
Clement Reyner
A short rule of good life. 24mo. ARCR II, 676, of which apparently no copy is extant. ARCR takes over the description from Gillow's Dictionary. Anon.
Douai 1624
10 M 88.2
William Stanney
A treatise of penance. 8vo. ARCR II, 727. Anon. This is the only work with this title in ARCR. ARCR suggests Douai 1617.
n.p. n.d.
10 M 89
N. N.
The booke of the holy society commonly called of twelve. 24mo. Weldon has the title 'The society of twelve'. The title we give is the only title in ARCR that comes close and seems to fit. It is a translation from the French of a book of litanies and prayers by an unidentified N.N. ARCR II, 561, Douai 1626.
n.p. n.d.
10 M 89.2
Jean Busee
Meditationes. In Weldon 'cum meditationibus'. There are a great many French and Latin eds of the meditations of Busée.
n.p. n.d.
10 M 90
Anthony Batt
A rule of good life ... tr. into English by R. Fa. Anthony Batt. 16mo. ARCR II, 48. ARCR gives this as a suppositious work of Saint Bernard.
Douai 1633
10 M 91
Thomas à Kempis
De imitatione Christi libri quatuor. 32mo. Anon.
Paris 1738
10 M 92
Thomas à Kempis
De imitatione Christi libri quatuor. 32mo. Anon.
Paris 1727
10 M 93
Regula Sti Benedicti et exercices spirituels tirés de la règle de S. Benois. 24mo. Not traced. A Paris 1654 ed. has been found.
Paris 1684
10 M 95
Henry Turberville
An abridgment of christian doctrine. 12mo. Clancy 975. In Weldon under H.T.
Douai 1661
11 M 1-3
Alfonso Rodriguez
Les exercices de la vertu et de la perfection chrétienne. 4to. 3 vols. Weldon does not give a title.
Paris 1680
11 M 4
Alfonso Rodriguez
Practique de la perfection et des vertus chrétiennes et religieuses. 4to.  
Rouen 1684
11 M 5
Pierre Floriot
Morale chrétienne, rapportée aux instructions que Jésus-Christ nous a données dans l'oraison dominicale. 4to. Anon.
Paris 1676
11 M 6-7
Joseph Mege
Commentaire sur la règle de S. Benoît. 4to. Two copies. Mège was a monk of the Congregation of St. Maur.
Paris 1687
11 M 8-9
Les oeuvres de la sainte mère Thérèse de Jésus. 4to. Two copies.
Paris 1657
11 M 10
Johannes Trithemius
Ad monachos dehortationes. 4to. Weldon has 'exhortationes'.
Milan 1644
11 M 11
Jérôme-Joachim le Contat
Exercices spirituels propres aux religieux bénédictins, pendant la retraite des dix jours. 4to.  
Rennes 1662
11 M 12-13
Firmin Rainssant
Meditations chrestiennes, pour les dimanches, les féries et les principales festes de l'année. Par un religieux bénédictin de la congrégation de Saint Maur. 4to. 2 vols. Anon.
Paris 1669
11 M 14
Pierre Floriot
Morale chrétienne, rapportée aux instructions que Jésus-Christ nous a données dans l'oraison dominicale. 4to. 5th ed. Anon.
Paris 1680
11 M 16-17
Antoine Singlin
Considérations sur les dimanches et les festes des mystères et sur les festes de la vierge et des saints. 8vo. 2nd ed. 2 vols. Anon.
Paris 1671
11 M 18-20
Jean Duvergier_de_Hauranne
Lettres chrétiennes et spirituelles ... Nouvelle éd. augmentée du Traité de la pauvreté de Jésus-Christ. 12mo. 3 vols. Duvergier de Hauranne was the Abbé de Saint-Cyran.
Lyon 1674
11 M 21
La tres ample et vraye exposition de la reigle monsieur Sainct Benoist. 12mo. CCFr lists a n.d. [post 1516] ed.
Paris n.d.
11 M 22
Luis de Granada
Memorial de la vida christiana. fol.  
Barcelona 1588
11 M 23
Luis de Granada
Obras. fol.  
Madrid 1657
11 M 24
Louis de Blois
Las obras. fol.  
Barcelona 1609
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