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12 M 13
Juan de Avila
The audi filia, or a rich cabinet full of spirituall iewells. 4to. ARCR II, 537. ARCR suggests St. Omer.
n.p. 1620
12 M 14
Robert Persons
A christian directory. Guiding men to their eternal salvation. 8vo. BKS 2211
London [i.e. St. Omer] 1716
12 M 15
Henry More
The life and doctrine of our saviour Jesus Christ. 8vo. Clancy 687. Under H.M. on title-page and in Weldon.
Ghent 1656
12 M 16
Some epistles of S. Jerome. Probably 'Certaine selected epistles of S. Hierome. Tr. Henry Hawkins', n.p. 1630, 4to. ARCR II, 391
n.p. n.d.
12 M 17
Henry Hawkins
Partheneia sacra. Or the mysterious and delicious garden of the sacred Parthenes. 8vo. ARCR II, 389. Under H.A. in Weldon and on title-page.
n.p. 1633
12 M 18
Tobie Matthew
Of the love of our only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 8vo. ARCR II, 529. Anon. ARCR gives St. Omer as place of publication.
n.p. 1622
12 M 19
Francis de Sales
A treatise of the love of God. 8vo. 18th ed. ARCR II, 647
Douai 1630
12 M 20
Robert Persons
A christian directory. 8vo. Clancy 766
n.p. 1650
12 M 21-23
Robert Persons
A christian directory. 8vo. Clancy 768. Three copies.
n.p. 1673
12 M 24-25.2
Augustine Baker
Sancta Sophia or directions for the prayer of contemplation. 8vo. 2 vols. Clancy 71. Two sets. Under S[erenus] Cressy, the editor, in Weldon.
Douai 1657
12 M 26
Lawrence Anderton
The English nunne. 8vo. Clancy 23. In Weldon under N.N.
n.p. 1642
12 M 27
Hugh Paulin Cressy
XVI revelations of divine love. 8vo. Clancy 563. These are the revelations by Julian(a) of Norwich, published by Cressy. Under Cressy in Wing, under Juliana in Weldon and Clancy.
n.p. 1670
12 M 28
Luis de Granada
A memoriall of a christian life. Tr. Richard Hopkins. 8vo. ARCR II, 442 (under Hopkins, the translator).
St. Omer 1625
12 M 29-30
The flaming hart, or, the life of the glorious S. Teresa. 8vo. Clancy 941. Two copies. Anon. Translated by Sir Tobie Matthew.
Antwerp 1642
12 M 31-32.2
The kingdome of God in the soule, or within you. 12mo. Clancy 555. Three copies.
Paris 1657
12 M 33-34
Gertrude More
The spiritual exercises ... and ideots devotions ... confessiones amantis. A lovers confessions. 12mo. Clancy 686. Two copies. Edited by Augustine Baker.
Paris 1658
12 M 35
Edmund Gibson
The Bishop of London's three pastoral letters to the people of his diocese ... in defence of the gospel-revelation, and by way of preservative against the late writing in favour of infidelity. 8vo. 7th ed.  
London 1735
12 M 36
Giovanni Bona
A guide to heaven. Tr. Thomas Vincent Sadler. 12mo. Clancy 110
n.p. 1672
12 M 37
James Corker
A remonstrance of piety and innocence; containing the last devotions and protestations of several Roman-Catholicks condemned and executed on account of the plot. 12mo. Clancy 247. Anon.
London 1683
12 M 38
Thomas à Kempis
His sermons of the incarnation and passion of Christ. 12mo. Clancy 957
Paris 1653
12 M 39
Thomas à Kempis
The following of Christ in four books written by John Gersen. 12mo. Clancy 950. Under J. Gersen in Weldon.
London 1673
12 M 40-43
Anthony Batt
A hidden treasure of holie prayers. 12mo. Clancy 81. Four copies.
Paris 1641
12 M 44
Francis de Sales
Delicious entertainments of the soule. Tr. Pudentiana Deacon. 12mo. ARCR II, 165
Douai 1631
12 M 45-46
The rule of perfection contayning a brief ... abridgement of all the wholle spirituall life. 8vo. ARCR II, 275. Two copies. Benet of Canfield was the name in religion of William Fitch.
Rouen 1609
12 M 47
A rational discourse concerning prayer. 8vo. Clancy 820
n.p. 1669
12 M 48
Alexandre Louis Varet
The christian education of children. 8vo. Clancy 1000. anon. According to Clancy Paris is in fact London. Weldon copy in Municipal library Troyes. The book was given by the St. Edmund’s Benedictines to the Capuchins.
Paris 1678
12 M 49
A golden treatise of mentall praier. 16mo. ARCR II, 805. In ARCR under the name of the translator Giles Willoughby.
Brussels 1632
12 M 50-50.2
The second booke of the dialogues ... containing the life and miracles of our holie father S. Benedict. To which is adjoined the rule of the same. 12mo. ARCR II, 315. Two copies, the second one contains 'A short treatise ... of the scapular'. ARCR II, 316. ARCR gives Douai as place of publication. Translated by Cuthbert Fursdon.
n.p. 1638
12 M 51
Henry Montagu
Contemplatio mortis et immortalitatis. Anon. First published in 1631 with many later eds.
n.p. n.d.
12 M 52
The contemplations of the idiot concerning death. Not traced.
n.p. 1668
12 M 53
Jean Roucourt
A catechism of penance, guiding sinners unto a true conversion. 12mo. Clancy 838.5. Anon. In Weldon under the translator W.B.
n.p. 1685
12 M 54
William Ballantine
A preparation for death: or, the practice of dying well. Containing some profitable instructions for the worthy receiving of the last sacraments. 12mo. In Clancy (932.3) under Jean Suffren. Clancy states that William Hollenden or Ballantyne/Ballantine was the compiler.
n.p. 1672
12 M 55
Henry Slingsby
A father's legacy. Sir H. Slingsbey's instructions to his sonnes. Written a little before his death. 12mo. Wing S 3995. Weldon has 'Instructions to his sonnes'.
London 1658
12 M 56
Augustine Baker
Sancta Sophia or directions for the prayer of contemplation. 8vo. 2 vols. Clancy 71. Two copies. Weldon has in a later hand '& the 2nd under the same figure'. Edited by Serenus Cressy.
Douai 1657
12 M 57
Gertrude More
The holy practises of a devine lover or the sainctly ideots devotions. 12mo. Clancy 685. Anon. Edited by Augustine Baker.
Paris 1657
12 M 58-58.2
Thomas Fitzherbert
The first part of a treatise concerning policy and religion. 4to. ARCR II, 280. Two copies.
n.p. 1606
12 M 58.3-58.4
Thomas Fitzherbert
The second part of a treatise concerning policy and religion. 4to. ARCR II, 286. Two copies. ARCR gives Douai as the place of publication.
n.p. 1615
12 M 59
Hieronymus Platus
The happines of a religious state divided into three bookes. 4to. ARCR II, 548. In ARCR under Henry More, the translator. The item has been deleted and is barely legible.
n.p. 1632
12 M 60
Antonio de Alvarado
Arte de bien vivir, y guia de los caminos del cielo. 4to.  
n.p. 1608
12 M 61
Adriaan Poirters
Ydelheydt des werelds. 8vo.  
Antwerp 1645
12 M 62
Les oeuvres spirituelles pour acheminer les âmes à la parfaite union avec Dieu. Tr. Mr. Gaultier. 8vo.  
Paris 1628
12 M 63
Armand-Jean de Rancé
Exercices de piété sur la règle de saint Benoist. 12mo. Anon.
Paris 1697
12 M 64
Ceremonial des religieuses de l'ordre de S. Benoist. 8vo.  
Paris 1626
12 M 65
Juan Falconi
Les oeuvres spirituelles, augm. des règles importantes pour faire l'oraison, par le P. Mathieu De Villaroel. 12mo. 2nd ed. Under 'Trois traitez spirituels' in CCFr.
Paris 1667
12 M 66
Ordo missae with the same explication of the masse. There are many eds of the 'Ordo missae' from the 16th cent. onwards. In the entry Weldon refers to '10 M 35' James Dymock's 'The great sacrifice'.
n.p. n.d.
12 M 67
Thomas à Kempis
L'imitation de Jésus-Christ mise en vers françois par Pierre Corneille. Under Pierre Corneille in BnF and Weldon. There are numerous eds of this translation in the seventeenth century. The Rouen 1656 ed. is the only one which has 'mise en vers françois' so it could be this ed.
n.p. n.d.
12 M 68-71
Armand-Jean de Rancé
Conferences ou instructions sur les épîtres et évangiles des dimanches et principales festes de l'année, et sur les vêtures et professions religieuses. 12mo. 4 vols.  
Paris 1698
12 M 72-75
Alfonso Rodriguez
Pratique de la perfection chrestienne traduite ... par Regnier des Marais. 8vo. 4 vols.  
Paris 1682
12 M 76
Jérôme-Joachim le Contat
Exercices spirituels pour les supérieurs des familles religieuses, pendant la retraite des dix jours. 8vo. 3rd ed.  
Paris 1687
12 M 77
Jean Busee
Meditations pour l'avent, le carême, les quatre-temps, les dimanches, les festes et tous les autres jours de l'année. Not traced. There are many eds, e.g. Paris 1689.
Paris 1690
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