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Y 1
John Hacket
A century of sermons. fol. Wing H 169
London 1675
Y 2
Stephanus Curcellaeus
Opera theologica. fol. Listed in Books in Hell.
Amsterdam 1675
Y 3-4
Cornelius Jansenius
Augustinus seu doctrina S. Augustini de humanae naturae sanitate. fol. Two copies.
Rouen 1652-53
Y 5
Marco Antonio de Dominis
De republica ecclesiastica pars secunda. fol. STC 6995.5. With a dedication to King James I. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1620
Y 6
Christoph Herdesianus
Consensus orthodoxus sacrae scripturae et veteris ecclesiae. fol. Anon. Listed in Books in Hell.
Zürich 1585
Y 7
Certain sermons or homilies. fol. Wing C 4091K. Under Church of England in Wing: 'To be read in churches in the time of the late Queen Elizabeth of famous memory'. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1673
Y 8
Opus insigne cui titulum fecit autor Defensorem pacis. fol. Anon. The title in Weldon is 'Defensor pacis', as the book was commonly known. USTC gives Basel as the place of publication. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. 1522
Y 9
John Milton
Defensio pro populo anglicano. 4to. Wing M 2106
London 1651
Y 10
Gustavus Selenus
Cryptomenytices et cryptographiae libri IX. fol. Standard work on cryptography by the Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg. All the known copies in Copac have Luneburg 1624. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. n.d.
Y 11
Abraham Cowley
The works. fol. 4th ed. Wing C 6652
London 1674
Y 12
The new testament appointed to be read in churches. Probably STC 2936.3. STC gives London as the place of publication.
n.p. 1629
Y 13-14
Juan Caramuel
In D. Benedicti regulam commentarius historicus, scholasticus, moralis, iudicialis, politicus. fol. Two copies.
Bruges 1640
Y 15
John Boys
The workes. fol. STC 3454. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1638
Y 16
James Ussher
A body of divinity. fol. Wing U 151. In Weldon in one volume with Ussher's 'Immanuel' (Wing U 181). Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1645
Y 16
James Ussher
Immanuel or the mystery of incarnation. fol. Wing U 181. In Weldon in one volume with 'A body of divinity' (Wing U 151).
London 1645
Y 17
Richard Saunders
Physiognomie and chiromancie. fol. Wing S 755
London 1653
Y 18
Francis Mason
Of the consecration of the bishops in the Church of England: five books. fol. STC 17597. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1613
Y 19
Johannes Sleidanus
De statu religionis et rei publicae Carolo V. Caesare commentarii. 8vo. Sleidanus is the pseudonym of Joannes Philippson. USTC gives Strasbourg as place of publication.
n.p. 1555
Y 20
John Locke
An essay concerning humane understanding. fol. 3rd ed. Wing L 2741. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1695
Y 21
William Prynne
Antiquae constitutiones regni Angliae sub regibus Joanne, Henrico Tertio, Edoardo Primo. fol. Wing P 3892
London 1672
Y 22
Eusebius Pagit
Histoire de la sainte écriture en forme de catéchisme. Anon. Not traced. BnF and CCFr have Charenton 1672 and 1673 eds, Worldcat has a Charenton 1675 ed. Originally published in English by the Puritan divine Eusebius Pagit as 'The history of the Bible briefly collected by way of question and answere', London 1602. Listed in Books in Hell.
Charenton 1678
Y 23
Herbert Croft
A letter written to a friend concerning popish idolatrie. 4to. Wing C 6968. Anon. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1674
1 Y 1
Andrew Sall
A sermon preached at Christ-Church in Dublin ... fifth day of July, 1674. 8vo. Wing S 393
Dublin 1675
1 Y 2
Thomas Hobbes
Behemoth or the Long Parliament. 12mo. Wing H 2213
London 1679
1 Y 3
Blaise Pascal
Les provinciales: or the mysterie of Jesuitisme. 12mo. Wing P 643. Anon.
London 1657
1 Y 3.2
Blaise Pascal
Les provinciales ou lettres écrites ... à un provincial de ses amis. 12mo. Anon.
Paris 1754
1 Y 4
Antoine Arnauld
Mysterion tes anomias. That is, another part of the mystery of Jesuitism ... Together with The imaginary heresie, in three letters. 8vo. Wing A 3729. Anon. John Evelyn was involved as translator.
London 1664
1 Y 5
John Eachard
The grounds & occasions of the contempt of the clergy. 8vo. Wing E 50. Anon.
London 1670
1 Y 6
Cornelius Burges
The fire of the sanctuarie newly uncovered, or a complete tract of zeale. 12mo. STC 4111
London 1625
1 Y 7
Novum testamentum. Not traced. Under Theodore Beza in Weldon. There are numerous Beza eds of the New Testament. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1658
1 Y 8
The holy bible. Cf. Wing B 2221-2226
London 1648
1 Y 9-10
John Austin
The christian moderator. The second part. 4th ed. 4to. Clancy 54. Two copies. Anon.
London 1652
1 Y 11
Arthur Dent
The plain man's pathway to heaven. 12mo. 27th ed. Wing D 1053
London 1648
1 Y 12
John Bramhall
An answer to Monsieur de la Militiere his impertinent dedication of his imaginary triumph to the King of Great Britain, to invite him to embrace the Roman Catholick religion. 12mo. Wing B 4213
The Hague 1653
1 Y 13
William Lilly
Catastrophe mundi: or, Merlin reviv'd. 8vo. Wing L 2214. Anon. 'Catastrophe Mundi' is a reissue of the appendix to 'Monarchy or No Monarchy', 1651.
London 1683
1 Y 14
Francis Quarles
Divine poems: containing the history of Jonah, Ester, Job, Sampson, Sions sonets. Elegies. 8vo. STC 20534
London 1633
1 Y 15
Henoch Clapham
A briefe of the bible, drawne first into English poësy, and then illustrated by apte annotations. 12mo. 4th ed. STC 5335
London 1639
1 Y 16-17
Daniel Tilenus
Examen d'un escrit intitulé: Discours des vrayes raisons pour lesquelles ceux de la religion prétendue réformée en France, peuvent en bonne conscience résister par armes à la persécution ouverte que leur font les ennemis de leur religion. Anon. The title in Weldon is merely ‘Examen &c’. The most likely candidate is Daniel Tilenus, a French protestant defending his religion.
Paris 1622
1 Y 18
Joseph Hall
The great mysterie of godliness. 12mo. Wing H 383
London 1652
1 Y 19
The life and reigne of King Charles, or the pseudo-martyr discovered. 8vo. Wing L 2020B.
London 1651
1 Y 20
William Harvey
The marriners card and compass. Or the best way to attain heaven amidst a sinfull and crooked generation. 12mo. Wing H 1093
London 1659
1 Y 21
Arise Evans
An eccho to The voice from heaven. 8vo. Wing E 3457. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1652
1 Y 22
E. Lee
Legenda lignea: with an answer to Mr. Birchleys moderator. 8vo. Wing L 839. Anon. In Wing under E. Lee. In answer to William Birchley (the alias of John Austin) 'The Christian Moderator, in two parts'. The fourth ed.
London 1653
1 Y 23
A letter about religion. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. n.d.
1 Y 24-25
Richard Carpenter
The perfect-law of God. 8vo. Wing C 625. Two copies. Carpenter was converted to catholicism and became a Benedictine monk. Afterwards he returned to protestantism again. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1652
1 Y 26
Thomas White
An apology for Rushworth's Dialogues. 8vo. Clancy 1064
Paris 1654
1 Y 27-28
Thomas White
Institutionum sacrarum peripateticis inaedificatarum ... pars theoretica. 8vo. 2 vols. Clancy 1081.3 The title in Weldon is 'Institutiones sacrae peripateticis inaedificatae'.
London 1652
1 Y 29
Thomas White
Controversy-logicke, or the method to come to truth. 12mo. Clancy 1069
Paris 1659
1 Y 29.2
Thomas White
Controversy-logicke, or the method to come to truth. 12mo. 2nd ed. Clancy 1070
Rouen 1674
1 Y 30
Thomas White
Institutionum peripateticarum ad mentem summi viri, clarissimíque philosophi Kenelmi Equitis Digbæi. Pars theorica: Item appendix theologica de origine mundi. 12mo. Under 'Institutiones sacrae' in Weldon.
Lyon 1646
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