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2 Z 41
Lambert Daneau
Ethices christianae libri tres. 3rd ed. Listed in Books in Hell.
Geneva 1588
2 Z 42
Johannes Sleidanus
Sommaire de l'histoire. Tr. Robert le Provost. 8vo. Sleidanus is the pseudonym of Joannes Philippson. Listed in Books in Hell.
Strasbourg 1558
2 Z 43
Jeremiah Dyke
Good conscience: or a treatise shewing the nature, and the necessity thereof. 8vo. 4th ed. STC 7416.5
London 1629
2 Z 44
Defensor pacis sive apologia pro Ludovico IIII. 8vo. Weldon mentions explicitly that the book was published by the heirs of Hieronymus Commelinus. USTC gives Heidelberg as the place of publication. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. 1599
2 Z 45
John Barnes
Dissertatio contra aequivocationes. 8vo. Against Leonardus Lessius.
Paris 1625
2 Z 46
Abraham du Pan
Exposition du catéchisme qui s'enseigne és églises reformées de France. 8vo. Listed in Books in Hell.
Geneva 1632
2 Z 47
L'office de la ste messe en françois pour tous les jours de l'année. 2nd ed. Not traced.
Paris 1659
2 Z 48
Gabriel de Bremond
The happy slave: a novel. 12mo. 2nd ed. Wing B 4349. Anon. Translated from the French.
London 1685
2 Z 49
Vincent de Voiture
Familiar and courtly letters ... to persons of honour and quality. 8vo. 3rd ed. A number of other writers including John Dryden and William Congreve were involved in this publication. Weldon suggests that this item also contains letters by the Greek letter-writer Aristenaetus.
London 1701
2 Z 50
Abraham Woodhead
A paraphrase and annotations upon all St. Paul's epistles. 8vo. 3rd ed. In Weldon under 'several eminent men'. Written by A. Woodhead, O. Walker, and R. Allestree. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1702
& 1
Richard Hooker
The works of that learned, judicious divine, Mr Richard Hooker. fol.  
London 1723
& 2
Richard Allestree
The works of the learned and pious author of The whole duty of man. fol. In two parts: the first part contains 'The whole duty of man', London 1703, 'The cause of the decay of Christian piety', London 1702, and 'The gentleman's calling', London 1703; the second part contains 'The ladies calling', 'The government of the tongue', 'The art of contentment', and 'The lively oracles ... or a christian birthright'. With a preface by J. Fell, bishop of Oxford. Listed in Books in Hell.
Oxford 1704
& 3-6
Samuel Clarke
Works. fol. 4 vols. Not traced. London 1738 eds have been found. Each volume has an additional title-page: those to vols 1 & 2 read: 'Sermons on several subjects', that to vol. 3 reads: 'A paraphrase on the four evangelists', and that to vol. 4: 'The scripture doctrine of the Trinity'. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1737
& 7
Henry More
The theological works. fol. Separate title-pages for 'A modest inquiry into the mystery of iniquity', 1705; 'Synopsis prophetica, or: the second part of the Enquiry', 1706; 'A prophetical exposition of the seven epistles', 1706; 'An antidote against idolatry', and 'An appendix to the late antidote', 1706. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1708
& 8-9
Isaac Barrow
The works of the learned Isaac Barrow (being all his English works) in three volumes. Ed. John Tillotson. fol. 5th ed. Weldon has 2 vols.
London 1741
& 10
Thomas Stackhouse
A complete body of speculative and practical divinity. fol. 2nd ed. Weldon copy in Bibl. Nationale, Paris. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1734
& 11
John Pearson
An exposition of the creed. fol. 12th ed.  
London 1741
& 12
Petrus Aurelius
Opera iussu et impensis cleri Gallicani denuo in lucem edita. fol. 3 vols. Petrus Aurelius is the pseudonym of Jean Duvergier de Hauranne.
Paris 1646
& 13-15
A defence of natural and revealed religion: a collection of sermons preached at the lectures founded by R. Boyle from 1691 to 1732. fol. 3 vols. Weldon mentions the names of Bentley, Kidder, Williams, Gastrell, Harris, Bradford, Blackhall and Stanhope.
London 1739
& 16-18
John Tillotson
The works ... containing fifty-four sermons and discourses on several occasions. Together with the rule of faith. fol. 10th ed. 3 vols. The 1st vol. of the 10th ed.; the 2nd and 3rd vols of the 5th ed. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1735
& 19
William Chillingworth
The works ... containing his book intituled The religion of the protestants a safe way to salvation, together with his nine sermons preached before the king. fol. 9th ed. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1727
& 20
Edward Stillingfleet
Origines sacrae, or, a rational account of the grounds of natural and reveal'd religion: to which is now added part of another book upon the same subject, written A.D. MDCXCVII. fol. 8th ed.  
London 1709
& 21
Thomas Hobbes
Leviathan: or that matter, forme & power of a commonwealth, ecclesiastical and civill. fol. Wing H 2246. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1651
& 22
Gilbert Burnet
An exposition of the XXXIX articles of the Church of England. fol. 4th ed. Weldon copy at the Irish Cultural Centre, Paris. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1737
& 23-25
Gilbert Burnet
The history of the reformation of the Church of England. fol. 3 vols. 2nd ed. Wing B 5798-9. Vols 1-2, 1681-1683; vol. 3, the supplement, 1715. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1681
& 26
The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments ... together with the psalter. 4to. Weldon has 'the Bible' instead of 'Psalter'.
Oxford 1741
& 27
Alexander Cruden
A complete concordance to the holy scriptures of the old and new testament, in two parts. 4to.  
London 1738
& 28
Louis Ellies Dupin
De antiqua ecclesiae disciplina: dissertationes historicae. 4to.  
Paris 1686
& 29
Thomas Chubb
A collection of tracts on various subjects. 4to. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1730
& 30
Antoine Arnauld
De frequenti communione liber. 4to. Not traced. The date in Weldon (1646) could be a mistake. Copac and CCFr both only have a 1647 ed. 'De la fréquente communion' was first published in French in 1643. Listed in Books in Hell.
Paris 1646
& 31
Nicolas Travers
Les pouvoirs légitimes du premier, et du second ordre dans l'administration des sacremens et le gouvernement de l'église. 4to. Anon.
n.p. 1744
& 32
Isaac Newton
Observations upon the prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John. 4to. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1733
& 33
Antoine Arnauld
Apologie pour les saincts pères de l'église, défenseurs de la grâce de Jésus-Christ. 4to. Anon. The name 'le Sieur de la Motte' in the approbation is a pseudonym of Antoine Arnauld.
Paris 1651
& 34
Matthew Tindal
Christianity as old as the creation: or, the gospel a republication of the religion of nature. Vol. 1. 4to. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1730
& 35
Simon Vigor
Opera omnia in quatuor tomos distributa. 4to. Simon Vigor (1556 - 1624), historian and Gallican theologian, not to be confused with his uncle, Simon Vigor (1515 - 1575), Archbishop of Narbonne.
Paris 1683
& 36
John Locke
A paraphrase and notes on the epistles of St. Paul to the Galatians, I & II Corinthians, Romans, Ephesians. 4to. 2nd ed. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1709
& 37
Amable de Bourzeis
Lettre d'un abbé à un évêque (l'Abbé de Bourzeis à l'évêque du Puy) sur la conformité de St. Augustin avec le concile de Trente dans la doctrine de la grâce. 4to. Anon. The same book as 1 & 7 with most probably the items mentioned there (1 & 7.2-1 & 7.4) also included. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. 1650
& 38
Johann Georg Gross
Theatrum biblicum, ex scriptis theologorum maximam partem A. Polani concinnatum. 4to. Listed in Books in Hell.
Basel 1615
& 39-41
Jean Alphonse Turretin
Opera theologica, rhetorica &c. tribus tomis. 4to. 3 vols. Probably 'Cogitationes et dissertationes theologicae', Geneva 1737, 2 vols, 4to and 'Orationes academicae ad scientiarum incrementum', Geneva 1737, 4to. Listed in Books in Hell.
Geneva 1737
& 42
Jean Claude
Reponse aux deux traitez intitulez La perpétuité de la foy. 4to. 7th ed. Anon. Jean Claude was a Protestant minister at Charenton. BnF gives 'Paris et Charenton' as places of publication. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. 1668
& 43
Jean Claude
Reponse au livre de Mr Arnauld intitulé La perpétuité de la foy de l'église catholique touchant l'eucharistie défendue. 4to. Anon. CCFr suggests Rouen as place of publication. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. 1670
& 44
Jean Calvin
Institution de la religion chrétienne nouvellement mise en quatre livres et distinguée par chapitres. 4to. CCFr suggests Geneva. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. 1562
& 45
Richard Simon
Histoire critique du texte du nouveau testament; où l'on établit la vérité des actes sur lesquel la religion chrétienne est fondée. 4to. 2nd ed. Listed in Books in Hell.
Rotterdam 1689
& 46
Martin de Barcos
Quae sit S. Augustini et doctrinae ejus authoritas in ecclesia, opus. 4to. Anon. Weldon adds 'adversus J[acobus] Pereyret'. Listed in Books in Hell.
Paris 1650
& 47
Conyers Middleton
A free inquiry into the miraculous powers which are supposed to have subsisted in the christian church from the earliest ages through several successive centuries. 3rd ed. 4to. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1749
& 47
Conyers Middleton
A vindication of the Free inquiry into the miraculous powers which are supposed to have subsisted in the christian church from the objections of Dr Dodwell and Dr Church. 4to.  
London 1751
& 48
Articuli de quibus convenit inter archiepiscopos & episcopos utriusque provinciae & clerum universam in synodo Londini. 4to. STC 10036. The thirty-nine articles of the Anglican doctrine.
London 1571
& 49-50
Henry St John Bolingbroke
Letters on the study and use of history. To which are added two other letters and reflections on exile. 8vo. 2 vols. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1752
& 51
Biblia: dat is, de gantsche H. Schrift, grondelijk ende trouwelick verduytschet, etc. De Psalmen Davids uit den Fransoyschen in Nederlandtschen overgheset. 4to. Edited and translated by Petrus Dathenus.
Delft 1596
& 52-53
Matthew Scrivener
Apologia pro s. ecclesiae patribus, adversus Joannem Dallaeum. 4to. Wing S 2116. Two copies. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1672
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