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2 Y 22
Christoph Wittich
Dissertationes duae, quarum prior de s. scripturae in rebus philosophicis abusu, examinat ... altera dispositionem & ordinem totius universi & principalium ejus corporum tradit. 12mo. Listed in Books in Hell.
Amsterdam 1653
2 Y 22.2
Joannes Johnstonus
De communione veteris ecclesiae syntagma. 12mo.  
Amsterdam 1658
2 Y 23
Thomas Hobbes
Le corps politique, ou les éléments de la loy morale et civile: avec des réflexions sur la loy de la nature. 12mo. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. 1652
2 Y 24
Thomas à Kempis
Of the imitation of Christ ... now newly corrected, translated, and illustrated by T. Rogers. 12mo. STC 23983. Under T. Rogers in Weldon.
London 1617
2 Y 25
William Bradshaw
A preparation to the receiving of the sacrament. 12mo. 5th ed. STC 3511
London 1617
2 Y 26
Roger de Rabutin, Count de Bussy
Histoire amoureuse des Gaules. 12mo. Anon. A series of portraits and stories about the intrigues of the chief court-ladies.
Liège 1666
2 Y 27
Francis Bacon
Essayes. 8vo. STC 1142
London 1613
2 Y 28
The doctrine of the bible: or, rules of discipline. 12mo. STC 3022.9
London 1605
2 Y 29
John Norden
Pensive man's practice very profitable for all persons. 12mo. STC 18617.3. 'A Pensive Mans Practise', first published in 1584, reached more than forty eds in Norden's lifetime.
London 1592
2 Y 30
Sir Thomas Elyot
Of that knowledge which maketh a wise man. A platonicke dispute. STC 7668-7670. Anon. STC has London eds in 1533 and [after 1548?].
n.p. n.d.
2 Y 31
Catechesis religionis christianae. 12mo. One of the many eds of the Heidelberg catechism.
Neustadt 1580
2 Y 32
Georg Calixtus
Judicium, de controversiis theologicis, quae inter lutheranos & reformatos agitantur. 12mo. Georg Calixt was a German Lutheran theologian who aimed at reconciling all Christendom by removing all unimportant differences. He received criticism both from orthodox Lutherans and from Catholics.
Leiden 1651
2 Y 33
Andreas Gerardus
The true tryal and examination of a mans own selfe. 12mo. STC 11761.7. Under T. Newton, the translator, in Weldon.
London 1602
2 Y 34
William Wrednot
The sorrowful soules solace, or teares of true repentance shed for sinne. Enlarged with a preservative against temptation, and consolations for the sicke, by Hugh Shepley. 12mo. 3rd ed. STC (addenda) 26014.3 where the author is identified. In Weldon under Hugh Shepley.
London 1611
2 Y 35
Nostradamus. There are many 16th cent. Lyon eds of Nostradamus's 'Les prophéties'.
Lyon n.d.
2 Y 36
Tes kaines diathékes. Novum testamentum graece. 8vo. Weldon copy at Douai Abbey.
Amsterdam 1633
2 Y 37
The holy bible. Wing B2243-2246
London 1655
2 Y 38
The book of common prayer. 12mo. Wing B 3649. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1677
2 Y 39
The book of common prayer. 8vo. Wing B3660-3661
Oxford 1680
2 Y 40
The book of common prayer. 4to. STC 16333.5-16334. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1609
2 Y 41
Lancelot Addison
An introduction to the sacrament. 8vo. Not traced. Wing (A 521) has a 1682 ed.
London 1683
2 Y 42
Lewis Bayly
The practice of piety. Anon. Not traced. Cf. Wing B1477 (Amsterdam 1642).
Amsterdam 1644
2 Y 43
The newe testament in Englishe. 4to. STC 2873.7
n.p. 1569
2 Y 44
Everard Bronchorst
Aphorismi politici. 12mo.  
Leiden 1623
2 Y 44
Everard Bronchorst
In titulum digestorum de diversis regulis juris antiqui commentarius. Ed. Jacques Blaise. 12mo. Blaise was bishop of St. Omer.
Paris 1672
2 Y 45
Het nieuw testament ofte alle boecken des nieuwen verbondts onses heeren Jesu Christi. Weldon has the title 'The New Testament in Dutch'.
Amsterdam 1640
2 Y 46
The new testament in Dutch.  
n.p. n.d.
2 Y 47
Onania, or, the heinous sin of self pollution. Not traced. A very popular anonymous pamphlet (15 eds between 1710 and 1730).
London 1727
2 Y 48
Anthony Sparrow
A rationale upon the book of Common-Prayer. 12mo. Wing S 4832. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1672
2 Y 49
Isaac Watts
The psalms of David. 12mo.  
London 1740
2 Y 50
Pulpit sparks, or, choice forms of prayer. 12mo. Wing P 4203. A collection of prayers by 14 Anglican divines.
London 1659
Z 1
Richard Simon
Disquisitiones criticae de variis per diversa loca et tempora bibliorum editionibus. 4to. Wing S 3801. Anon. Contains comments on Isaac Vossius.
London 1684
Z 2
Edward Hyde Earl of Clarendon
A brief view and survey of the dangerous ... errors ... in Mr. Hobbes's book, entitled Leviathan. 4to. Wing C 4420
Oxford 1676
Z 3
Ephraim Pagitt
Christianographie, or the description of the multitude and sundry sorts of christians not subject to the pope. 4to. STC 19110. Anon. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1635
Z 4
William Wake
An exposition of the doctrine of the Church of England. 4to. 3rd ed. Wing W 244. Anon. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1687
Z 5
Blaise Pascal
Litterae provinciales. 8vo. Under Montaltius in Weldon. Listed in Books in Hell.
Cologne 1658
Z 6
Simon Patrick
The witnesses to christianity. 8vo. Wing P 864
London 1675
Z 7
Robert Sanderson
De obligatione conscientiae. 8vo. Wing S 591. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1661
Z 8
John Rawlet
A dialogue betwixt two protestants in answer to a popish catechism. 8vo. 3rd ed. Wing R 354. Anon. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1686
Z 9-10
Andreas Wilke
Festa christianorum oecumenica. 8vo. 2 vols. Listed in Books in Hell.
Leipzig 1676
Z 11
Jeanne-Marie Guyon
Le cantique des cantiques de Salomon. 12mo. Anon. Madame Guyon was a French mystic and one of the chief representatives of Quietism.
Paris 1688
Z 12
Anna Maria van Schurman
Opuscula hebraea graeca latina gallica. 8vo. 3rd ed. Weldon copy in Toulouse Univ. Library. Listed in Books in Hell.
Utrecht 1652
Z 13
Du corps & du sang du seigneur. 12mo. Translated by Marc Antoine de la Bastide. CCFr gives Rouen as place of publication. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. 1673
Z 14
Petrus Pomponatius
Opera ... de naturalium effectuum admirandorum causis. Ed. Guilielmus Gratarolus. 8vo. Weldon copy in Toulouse Univ. Library. Listed in Books in Hell.
Basel 1567
Z 15
Petrus Pomponatius
Tractatus de immortalitate animae. 12mo. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. 1534
Z 16
David-Augustin de Brueys
Reponse au livre de Mr de Condom intitulé Exposition. 12mo. Anon. Not traced. There are many 1681 and 1682 eds of this work published at Amsterdam, The Hague and Geneva. Commentary on Bossuet. After writing this book the author became a Roman Catholic. Listed in Books in Hell.
Amsterdam 1672
Z 17
Jean Claude
La pratique de la religion chrétienne. 12mo. Listed in Books in Hell. Jean Claude was a Protestant minister at Charenton.
The Hague 1691
Z 18
François Rabelais
Oeuvres. 12mo.  
Antwerp 1605
Z 19
John Milton
Pro populo anglicano defensio, contra Claudii Anonymi, alias Salmasii, defensionem regiam. 12mo. Wing M 2169. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1652
Z 20
Jacques Basnage
Examen des méthodes proposées par Mrs de l'Assemblée du clergé de France. 12mo. Anon. In fact published in Rotterdam. Listed in Books in Hell.
Cologne 1684
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