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1 Y 31
Thomas White
Euclides physicus. 12mo. Wing W 1822
London 1657
1 Y 32
John Sergeant
Statera appensa. 12mo. Clancy 901.3. In Weldon under J.S. Bound up with the next item by Thomas White.
London 1661
1 Y 32
Thomas White
Staterae aequilibrium. 12mo. Clancy 1094. In Weldon under T. ex Albiis i.e. Thomas White. Bound up with the previous item by John Sergeant.
London 1661
1 Y 33
Thomas White
Quaestio theologica, quomodo, secundum principia peripatetices Digbianae ... humani arbitrii libertas. 12mo. In Weldon under T. ex Albiis. Copac suggests Paris 1652.
n.p. n.d.
1 Y 34
Thomas White
Sonus buccinæ: sive, tres tractatus de virtutibus fidei et theologiæ, de principiis earundem, et de erroribus oppositis. 12mo. In Weldon under T. ex Albiis.
Paris 1654
1 Y 35
Thomas White
Villicationis suæ de medio animarum statu ratio episcopo Chalcedonensi reddita a Thoma Anglo. 12mo. Clancy 1095.3. Clancy suggests that the place of publication is in fact London. In Weldon under T. ex Albiis.
Paris 1653
1 Y 36-38
Thomas White
The middle state of souls. 12mo. Clancy 1085. Probably three copies. A translation of 'Villicationis suae'. In Weldon under T. ex Albiis.
London 1659
1 Y 39
Thomas White
Notes on Mr. F.D.'s Result of a dialogue concerning the middle state of souls. 12mo. Clancy 1088. F.D. is Francis Davenport, i.e. Christopher Davenport. In Weldon under T. ex Albiis.
Paris 1660
1 Y 40-41
Thomas White
Religion and reason. 12mo. Clancy 1090. Two copies. In Weldon under T. ex Albiis.
Paris 1660
1 Y 42-44.2
Thomas White
The grounds of obedience and government. 2nd ed. 12mo. Clancy 1078. Four copies. In Weldon under T. ex Albiis.
London 1655
1 Y 45
Thomas White
Meditationes viginti-quatuor: in gratiam sacerdotum. 24mo. In Weldon under T. ex Albiis.
Paris 1651
1 Y 46
William Hickes
London drollery: or, the wits academy: being a select collection of the newest songs, lampoons, and airs alamode. 8vo. Wing H 1887A. Under W. H. in Weldon.
London 1673
1 Y 47
Novum testamentum graecum : cum vulgata interpretatione latina graeci contextus lineis inserta. Listed in Books in Hell.
Geneva 1609
1 Y 48
John Bale
The image of both churches, after the most wonderfull and heavenly revelation of sainct Iohn the Evangelist. STC 1296.5 - 1301. Anon. First published in 1547. Most of the eds in STC have no year of publication. Other eds were published at Antwerp. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. n.d.
1 Y 49
Theodore Beza
A briefe and pithie summe of the Christian faith made in forme of a confession. 8vo. There are eds from 1563 to 1589. The present book is an English translation of 'Confessio christianae fidei, et eiusdem collatio cum papisticis haeresibus'.
n.p. n.d.
1 Y 50
Daniel Tuvill
Vade mecum: a manuall of essayes morall, theologicall. 12mo. STC 24398. In Weldon under D.T.
London 1631
1 Y 51
Thomas Hobbes
Humane nature: or, the fundamental elements of policie. 12mo. Wing H 2242-44. Wing has London eds from 1650 to 1684.
n.p. n.d.
1 Y 52
Wye Saltonstall
Somnia allegorica, or dreams expounded. Anon. Not in BL, Copac and STC. The only reference found is in A. Wood's 'Athenae Oxonienses' (p. 677). He also mentions the second ed. of 1661. Most probably Wye Saltonstall was the translator, not the author (see Oxford DNB).
London 1640
1 Y 53
Arthur Johnstoun
Delitiæ poetarum Scotorum: hujus ævi illustrium. 12mo. A collection of Scottish poets ed. by Johnstoun. Thirteen poets in all from Patrick Adamson to David Wedderburn.
Amsterdam 1637
1 Y 54
Nicholas Byfield
Directions for the private reading of the scriptures. 12mo. 4th ed. Wing B 6383. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1648
1 Y 55
Peter Manby
A brief discourse of confession to a lawful priest wherein is treated of the last judgement. 12mo. Clancy 620.3. Manby is wrongly spelt Danby in Weldon.
London 1686
1 Y 56
The confession of faith and the larger and shorter catechism. 12mo. Wing C 5760B. This is the Westminster confession of faith. Listed in Books in Hell.
Edinburgh 1649
1 Y 57
Robert Garner
Mysteries unvailed wherein the doctrine of redemption by Jesus Christ ... is handled. 8vo. Under one shelfmark with the next item, Henry Lavor 'Predestination'.
London 1646
1 Y 57
Henry Lavor
Predestination handled and maintained against papists, arminians, and certaine churches also of antipædobaptists. 8vo. Wing L 627. Anon. Under one shelfmark with Robert Garner 'Mysteries'.
London 1646
1 Y 58
Hartmann Schopper
Reinke de vos specvlum vitae aulicae. De admirabili fallacia et astutia vulpeculae reinikes libri quatuor. 8vo. 'Speculum vitae aulicae' is a Latin translation by Schopper of the popular Dutch work 'Reynke de Vos (Reineke Fuchs)'. Worldcat lists Frankfurt eds of 1584 and 1596.
n.p. n.d.
1 Y 59
Balthasar Andreae
Biblische Sprüche deutsch und lateinisch ... Aphorismi biblici germanice & latine. 8vo. Anon. Worldcat has a 1600 ed.
Danzig n.d.
1 Y 60
The doctrine of the bible. 12mo. Not in Wing, but present in Bodleian Library.
London 1673
1 Y 61
Joannes Thaddeus
Conciliatorium biblicum. 12mo. A Latin version of 'The reconciler of the Bible' (Wing T 831). NCC gives 1648 as the date of publication.
Amsterdam n.d.
1 Y 62
The holy bible.  
n.p. n.d.
2 Y 1
Joseph Hall
The character of man: laid forth in a sermon preach't at the Court, March, 10. 1634. [i.e. 1634/5.] 8vo. STC 12647. Anon.
London 1635
2 Y 2
William Perkins
The foundation of christian religion: gathered into sixe principles. And it is to bee learned of ignorant people, that they may be fit to hear sermons with profit, and to receive the Lords Supper with comfort. Anon. Not in STC (cf. 19709).
London 1612
2 Y 3
Petrus Aurelius
Anaereticus adversus errores et hereses … Jacobi Sirmondi. 8vo. Anon. Jean Duvergier de Hauranne and Martin de Barcos wrote this book under the pseudonym Petrus Aurelius, attacking the views of the Jesuit Jacques Sirmond. Copac gives a Paris 1633 ed.
n.p. n.d.
2 Y 4
Francis Davison
A poetical rapsody containing, diverse sonnets, odes, elegies, madrigalls, and other poesies, both in rime, and measured verse. Neuer yet published. The bee and spider by a diuerse power, sucke hony & poyson from the selfe same flower. 12mo. STC 6375. Anon.
London 1611
2 Y 5
Lucas Osiander
Enchiridion controversiarum religionis quæ hodie inter Augustanæ Confessionis theologos et pontificios habentur. Listed in Books in Hell.
Wittenberg 1608
2 Y 6
La chyromantie naturelle de Ronphile. 8vo. Ronphyle is the pseudonym of Daniel de Rampalle.
Paris 1671
2 Y 7
Martin Luther
De conciliis et ecclesia, liber, germanice scriptus jam olim a R. P. D. D. Martino Lutero: nuper vero latine redditus per D. Justum Jonam. 8vo. Listed in Books in Hell.
Basel 1557
2 Y 7
Martin Luther
De conciliis et ecclesia, liber, germanice scriptus jam olim a R. P. D. D. Martino Lutero: nuper vero latine redditus per D. Justum Jonam. This ed. not traced.
Basel 1559
2 Y 7.2
Matthaeus Richter
Quod arguere peccata seu concionaris poenitentiam … rationes et argumenta. 8vo.  
Basel 1559
2 Y 9
R. Doleman
A conference about the next succession to the crowne of Ingland. 8vo. R. Doleman is the pseudonym of Robert Persons and a number of co-authors. See ARCR II, 167. According to Weldon and the title-page the book was published at N. ARCR gives Antwerp. Listed in Books in Hell.
n.p. 1594
2 Y 8
Concordia pia et unanime consensu repetitia confessio fidei. 8vo. The confession of faith of the Lutheran church. Weldon has 'Concordia Lutherana'.
Leipzig 1606
2 Y 10
Jean Bodin
Démonomanie des sorciers ... revue et corrigée. 12mo.  
Rouen 1604
2 Y 11
Edo Neuhusius
Fatidica sacra, sive de divina futurorum praenunciatione. 8vo.  
Amsterdam 1635
2 Y 12
Arthur Hopton
A concordancy of yeares. Containing a computation of time, according to the English account. 8vo. STC 13778. STC gives London as the place of publication.
n.p. 1612
2 Y 13
Jean de Meung
Le dodechedron de fortune: livre non moins plaisant & récréatif, que subtil & ingénieux entre tous les jeux & passetemps de fortune composé par Jean de Meun. Not traced. There are many 16th cent. eds. In Weldon under F.G.L. (the initials of the editor François Gruget).
Paris 1615
2 Y 14
William Perkins
A reformed catholike: or, a declaration shewing how neere wee may come to the present Church of Rome in sundry points of religion: and wherein we must for ever depart from them with an advertisement to all favourers of the romane religion. 8vo. STC 19739. Anon.
London 1619
2 Y 15
Pierre Du_Moulin
Defense de la foy catholique contenue au livre de ... Jacques I., Roy de Grand Bretagne, etc., contre la response de N. Coeffeteau. Listed in Books in Hell.
Geneva 1610
2 Y 16-18
John Barnes
Examen trophaeorum congregationis praetensae anglicanae ordinis S. Benedicti. 12mo. ARCR I, 70 (which suggests Paris as place of publication). Anon. Three copies. Listed in Books in Hell.
Reims 1622
2 Y 19
Johannes ab Indagine
Chiromancie & physiognomie par le regard des membres de l'homme. 12mo. Under Antoine du Moulin, the translator, in Weldon.
Rouen 1638
2 Y 20
Girolamo Cardano
Proxeneta, seu de prudentia civili liber. 12mo. Listed in Books in Hell.
Geneva 1630
2 Y 21
Hugo Grotius
H. Grotii et aliorum de omni genere studiorum recte instituendo dissertationes. 12mo.  
Amsterdam 1645
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