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8 K 42
John Rastell
A replie against an answer (falslie intitled) in defence of the truth. 8vo. ARCR II, 673; answers Thomas Cooper's 'An apologie of private masse' (1562).
Antwerp 1565
4 T 3
William Clarke
A replie unto a certaine libell ... by Fa: Parsons ... intituled A manifestation of the great folly and bad spirit of certaine ... secular priestes. 4to. ARCR II, 139. Anon. Persons's 'Manifestation' appeared in 1602 (ARCR II, 631).
n.p. 1603
John Percy
A reply made unto Mr Anthony Wotton and Mr John White ministers. By A.D. 4to. ARCR II, 599. Under A.D., i.e. John Percy, in Weldon. ARCR suggests St. Omer as the place of publication.
n.p. 1612
8 K 12-13
Matthew Kellison
A reply to M. Nicholas Smith his discussion of some points of M. Doctour Kellison his Treatise of the hierarchie. 8vo. ARCR II, 468. Anon. Two copies.
Douai 1630
& 63
John Tillard
A reply to Mr Warburton's Appendix, in his second volume of The divine legation of Moses. 8vo. Weldon copy in Toulouse Univ. Library.
London 1742
8 K 17
Matthew Kellison
A reply to Sotcliffes answer to the survey of the new religion. 8vo. ARCR II, 469; against Sutcliffe's 'The examination and confutation of a scurrilous treatise' (1606).
Reims 1608
7 K 19.2
Roger Palmer Earl of Castlemaine
A reply to the answer of the catholique apology. 8vo. Anon. Clancy 180 (the date 1666 on tp must be a mistake since the book was a reply to Lloyd's 'The late apology', 1667. Wing C 1246 suggests [London?], 1668. Copac suggests Paris.
n.p. 1668
6 I 3-5
Henry Joseph Johnston
A reply to the Defence of the Exposition of the doctrine of the Church of England. 4to. Clancy 560. Anon. Three copies. A reply to William Wake's 'Defence of the Exposition'.
London 1687
Z 28
Samuel Parker
A reproof to The rehearsal transposed. 8vo. Wing P 473. Anon. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1673
Richard Verstegan
A restitution of decayed intelligence: in antiquities. 4to. ARCR II, 766
Antwerp 1605
6 I 27-28
Thomas Stapleton
A returne of untruthes upon M. Iewelles Replie. 4to. ARCR II, 732. Two copies.
Antwerp 1566
10 M 90
Anthony Batt
A rule of good life ... tr. into English by R. Fa. Anthony Batt. 16mo. ARCR II, 48. ARCR gives this as a suppositious work of Saint Bernard.
Douai 1633
A rule of good life. Tr. Anthony Batt. 16mo. ARCR II, 48. Weldon does not give a date or place of publication, but it seems certain that the Douai ed. of 1633 is meant. The attribution to Bernardus is doubtful (see ARCR II).
n.p. n.d.
6 I 35
Francis Walsingham
A search made into matters of religion. 4to. ARCR II, 785. ARCR suggests St. Omer as the place of publication.
n.p. 1609
3 & 33
John Locke
A second vindication of the reasonableness of christianity: as deliver'd in the scriptures. 8vo. 5th ed.  
London 1736
4 M 26
William Law
A serious call to a devout and holy life. Adapted to the state and condition of all orders of christians. 8vo. 2nd ed. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1732
14 M 54.1
George Stradling
A sermon preach'd before the King at White-Hall, Jan. 30. 1674/5: At the anniversary commemoration of the martyrdom of King Charles I. 4to. Wing S 5782
London 1675
1 Y 1
Andrew Sall
A sermon preached at Christ-Church in Dublin ... fifth day of July, 1674. 8vo. Wing S 393
Dublin 1675
3 & 94-96
Jeanne-Marie Guyon
A short and easy method of prayer. Translated from the French. 8vo. Anon. Weldon does not give bibliographical data, just mentions that there are three copies of this work, 94, 95, 96. The earliest ed. traced is London 1704.
n.p. n.d.
2 K 22
Charles Leslie
A short and easy method with the deists ... and with the jews. 8vo. 3rd ed. Not traced. There are numerous eds of this work.
London 1711
9 K 3
Richard Huddleston
A short and plain way to the faith and church. Ed. John Huddleston. 4to. Clancy 520. There is also a London, 1688, 16mo ed. (Clancy 521).
London 1688
8 R 51
Roger Palmer Earl of Castlemaine
A short and true account of the material passages in the first war between the English and Dutch, since his majesties restauration. 8vo. 2nd ed. Wing C 1248
London 1672
5 P 15-17
William Lily
A short introduction of grammar ... the latine tongue. 8vo. Wing L 2279. Anon. Three copies.
Oxford 1653
4 P 45.3
William Lily
A short introduction of grammar. 16mo.  
London 1743
11 P 43-44
A short introduction of grammar. 8vo. Two copies.
Oxford 1733
4 P 16-17
William Lily
A short introduction of grammar. 8vo. Wing L 2284A. Two copies.
London 1667
4 P 18
William Lily
A short introduction of grammar. 8vo. Wing L 2302A
London 1697
10 M 88
Clement Reyner
A short rule of good life. 24mo. ARCR II, 676, of which apparently no copy is extant. ARCR takes over the description from Gillow's Dictionary. Anon.
Douai 1624
8 K 61
Nicolas Caussin
A short treatise of the church militant under episcopal government. 12mo. Clancy 208
n.p. 1661
10 M 78
Juan de Bonilla
A short treatise of the quiet of the soul: how necessary a thing it is, and how it may be attained. 12mo. Clancy 113.5. On the title-page the author's name is given as John de Bovilla. Not in Wing. This is Augustine Baker's translation.
n.p. 1658
Anthony Batt
A short treatise touching the confraternity of the scapular of St. Benedicts order. 12mo. ARCR II, 44. Anon. Two copies.
n.p. 1639
5 I 8
Thomas Anderton
A sovereign remedy against atheism and heresy. 4to. Clancy 24.3
n.p. 1672
3 Q 2.1
A Spanish grammar. This and the following four works (all under 3 Q 2) are part of a collection of publications in one binding. The most likely candidates for this work are: Richard Percyval, 'A Spanish grammar' (London, 1599); CÚsar Oudin, 'A grammar Spanish and English' (London, 1622), and 'A new Spanish grammar' (London, 1725 and 1739).
n.p. n.d.
Christopher Bagshaw
A sparing discoverie of our English Jesuits, and of Fa. Parsons proceedings under pretence of promoting the catholike faith in England. 4to. ARCR II, 38; ARCR has n.p. 1601. Anon.
n.p. n.d.
2 K 36
Richard Challoner
A specimen of the spirit of the dissenting teachers in their sermons at Salters-Hall. 12mo. BKS 661 or 662; under Philalethes, one of Challoner's pseudonyms, in Weldon.
London 1736
13 M 50
Luis de Granada
A spiritual doctrine, conteining a rule to live well. 8vo. ARCR II, 345
Louvain 1599
10 M 49
A spiritual exercise according to the custome of Windesem. An. 1400. 12mo. Clancy 778. Anon. Clancy gives Thomas Carre (Miles Pinckney) as the translator. Wing has 1657 and files the work under the title.
Paris 1658
5 I 46
C. W.
A summarie of controversies: wherein the chiefest points of the holy catholike romane faith are ... proved. 8vo. ARCR II, 769. Under William Wright in STC but this is an erroneous attribution.
n.p. 1616
6 I 13
Matthew Kellison
A survey of the new religion, detecting manie grosse absurdities. 4to. ARCR II, 473
Douai 1605
1 W 19
William Rastell
A table collected of the yeares of our Lord God and of the yeares of the kings of England. 8vo. STC 20739. Anon.
London 1576
8 R 2
John More
A table from the beginning of the world to this day. 8vo. STC 18074
n.p. 1593
3 & 42
Jonathan Swift
A tale of a tub: written for the universal improvement of mankind. To which is added an account of the battel between the antient and modern books in St. James's library. 8vo. 3rd ed. Anon.
London 1704
6 I 24
Robert Persons
A temperate ward-word, to the turbulent and seditious watch-word of Sir Francis Hastinges knight. 4to. ARCR II, 637; on tp and in Weldon the author is given as N.D. ARCR suggests Antwerp as the place of publication.
n.p. 1599
Robert Persons
A temperate ward-word, to the turbulent and seditious watch-word of Sir Francis Hastinges knight. 4to. ARCR II, 637; on title-page and in Weldon the author is given as N.D. i.e. Doleman, the pseudonym of Robert Persons. ARCR suggests Antwerp as the place of publication.
n.p. 1599
6 R 47
Henry Hexham
A tongue-combat, lately happening betweene two English souldiers in the tilt-boat of Gravesend, the one going to serve the king of Spaine, the other to serve the states generall of the United Provinces. 4to. STC 13264.8. Anon. In fact published in Holland.
London 1623
9 O 24
Ralph Cudworth
A treatise concerning eternal and immutable morality. 8vo. With a preface by Edward Chandler, bishop of Durham.
London 1731
6 O 33
George Berkeley
A treatise concerning the principles of human knowledge. 8vo.  
London 1734
& 69
Thomas Burnet
A treatise concerning the state of departed souls. 8vo.  
London 1733
7 K 29
William Rainolds
A treatise conteyning the true catholike and apostolike faith of the holy sacrifice and sacrament ordeyned by Christ at his last supper. 8vo. ARCR II, 669
Antwerp 1593
8 K 43-44
John Rastell
A treatise intitled Beware of M. Iewel. 8vo. 2 vols. ARCR II, 674 and 675. Weldon has 1656 but this is clearly a mistake for 1566.
Antwerp 1566
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