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Editionum Tempora et Loca
3 T 19
Juan de Zavaleta
Obras en prosa. 4to. 2nd ed.  
Madrid 1672
13 M 7
Juan Falconi
Obras espirituales. 8vo.  
Zaragoza n.d.
11 M 23
Luis de Granada
Obras. fol.  
Madrid 1657
X 15
Gabriel Trivorius
Observatio apologetica ad inscriptionem orationis ad antecessores digestis Iustiniani praepositae. 4to  
Paris 1631
7 D 15
Nicolas Rigault
Observationes ad Tertulliani libros IX. 8vo. Under Tertullianus in Weldon.
Paris 1628
W 9
Jakob Christmann
Observationes solares libri tres. 4to.  
Basel 1601
5 R 12
Peter Heylyn
Observations on the historie of the reign of King Charles. 8vo. Wing H 1727. Under H. L. , i.e. Hamon L'Estrange, in Weldon. L'Estrange was the author of 'The reign of King Charles".
London 1656
II R 40
Michel du Perray
Observations sur le concordat entre Léon X et François I. 12mo.  
Paris 1722
& 32
Isaac Newton
Observations upon the prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John. 4to. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1733
X 4
Gabriel du Pineau
Observations, questions et responses sur aucuns articles de la coustume d'Anjou. fol.  
Angers 1646
4 R 5
John Ray
Observations, topographical, moral and physiological; made in a journey through part of the Low-Countries, Germany, Italy and France ... Whereunto is added A brief account of Francis Willoughby Esq. his voyage through a great part of Spain. 8vo. Wing R 399
London 1673
3 R 13
Michael Piccart
Observationum historico-politicarum decades sex. Cum episodio decadis unius narrationum ridicularum. 8vo.  
Amberg 1616
3 P 34
Gisbertus Cuperus
Observationum libri tres. 8vo. Bound up with Jacobus Tollius, 'Fortuita, in quibus … tota fabularis historia Graeca, Phoenicia, Aegyptiaca … asseritur’ (Amsterdam, 1687). Weldon copy of both Cuperus and Tollius in Toulouse Univ. Library.
Utrecht 1670
8 K 33-36
Thomas Carre
Occasional discourses ... as also an answer to a libel by Thomas Vane. 8vo. Clancy 774. Four copies. Under Thomas Carre in Weldon (added in a later hand). Carre was the pseudonym of Miles Pinckney.
Paris 1646
Thomas Carre
Occasionall discourses ... Had with Doctor Cosens by word of mouth ... As also, an Answer to a libel. 8vo. Two copies. Clancy 774. Miles or Thomas Carre was the pseudonym of Miles Pinckney. The `Answer' is by Thomas Vane. Dr Cosens is John Cosin, bishop of Durham.
Paris 1646
3 L 26
Guillaume de Saint-Martin
Octave de s. sacrément. 8vo.  
Paris 1683
Marcus Minucius Felix
Octavius & Caecilii Cypriani De idolor[um] vanitate. Ed. Nicolas Rigault. 4to.  
Paris 1643
4 P 21-22
Odes [English and Latin]. Tr. Sir Thomas Hawkins. 12mo. 3rd ed. STC 13802. Two copies.
London 1635
8 Q 19
Odyssea ... liber primus ... in usum literariae juventutis [Greek and Latin]. 8vo. See note to 8 Q 11. Of the nine eds (8 Q 11-19) this leaves those of Paris 1632, Paris 1639, Rouen 1672 and Lyon 1669 unaccounted for.
Paris 1642
3 Q 21
Odyssea [Greek and Latin]. 16mo.  
Geneva 1567
4 Q 24-25
Oedipus tyrannus. 12mo. Two copies.
Paris 1738
1 M 25-26
Pierre de Berulle
Oeuvres augmentées de divers opuscules de controverse, et de pieté, avec plusieurs lettres, par les soins du P. François Bourgoing. fol.  
Paris 1644
3 L 9-11
Jean-Louis de Fromentières
Oeuvres mêlées et sermons de carême. 8vo. 3 vols.  
Paris 1690
1 T 26
René Rapin
Oeuvres qui contiennent les Réflexions sur l'éloquence. 8vo. Vol. 2 of the two-volume 1725 ed.
Paris 1725
14 M 16.2
François de Salignac de la Mothe Fenelon
Oeuvres spirituelles ... premier volume. 8vo.  
Antwerp 1718
Oeuvres. Ed. Jean Baudoin. 4to.  
Paris 1619
Z 18
François Rabelais
Oeuvres. 12mo.  
Antwerp 1605
4 T 24-26
Jean Racine
Oeuvres. 12mo. 3 vols.  
Paris 1750
2 Y 30
Sir Thomas Elyot
Of that knowledge which maketh a wise man. A platonicke dispute. STC 7668-7670. Anon. STC has London eds in 1533 and [after 1548?].
n.p. n.d.
7 R 14
Francis Bacon
Of the advancement and proficience of learning IX bookes. Interpreted by Gilbert Watts. fol. STC 1167
Oxford 1640
8 K 29
Richard Smith
Of the all-sufficient external proposer of matters of faith. 8vo. Clancy 913. Under R.C. in Weldon.
Paris 1653
12 M 88
Obadiah Walker
Of the benefits of our saviour, Jesus Christ, to mankind. 4to. Wing W 405. Anon.
Oxford 1680
Y 18
Francis Mason
Of the consecration of the bishops in the Church of England: five books. fol. STC 17597. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1613
8 K 30-32
Richard Smith
Of the distinction of fundamental and not fundamental points of faith. 8vo. Three copies. Clancy 914. Under R.C. in Weldon. Clancy suggests London as the place of publication.
n.p. 1645
Richard Smith
Of the distinction of fundamental and not fundamental points of faith. 8vo. Clancy 914. Under 'C.R.' in Weldon. Clancy suggests London as the place of publication.
n.p. 1645
Herbert Thorndike
Of the government of churches, a discourse. 8vo. Wing T 1055. Anon. Dedication signed by Herbert Thorndike. Wing gives Cambridge as the place of publication.
n.p. 1641
2 Y 24
Thomas à Kempis
Of the imitation of Christ ... now newly corrected, translated, and illustrated by T. Rogers. 12mo. STC 23983. Under T. Rogers in Weldon.
London 1617
12 M 18
Tobie Matthew
Of the love of our only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 8vo. ARCR II, 529. Anon. ARCR gives St. Omer as place of publication.
n.p. 1622
3 & 72
John Wilkins
Of the principles and duties of natural religion: two books by John ... bishop of Chester. 8vo. Wing W 2206
London 1683
7 K 25
John Fraser
Offer maid to a gentilman of qualitie ... to subscribe and embrace the ministers of Scotlands religion. 8vo. ARCR II, 313. Weldon adds 'with Perez letter's'. Is this perhaps the work found in Copac (BL) 'Cartas de A. Perez'. 8vo. Paris [1603?]?
Paris 1604
8 K 47-48
John Fraser
Offer maid to a gentilman of qualitie ... to subscribe and embrace the ministers of Scotlands religion. 8vo. ARCR II, 313. Two copies.
Paris 1604
13 M 86
Office de la sagesse éternelle et de la passion de Notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ en latin et en français. BnF has a Paris 1696, Worldcat a n.p. 1698 ed.
n.p. n.d.
Johannes Ravisius Textor
Officinae ... epitome. 8vo.  
Lyon 1593
5 P 11
Johannes Ravisius Textor
Officinae epitome. 8vo.  
Lyon 1560
Officiorum libri III. 16mo.  
Paris 1583
5 Q 19
Officium beatae Mariae virginis graece et latine. CCFr lists three Paris eds (1595, 1603 and 1616); BnF gives a Leiden and Paris 1687 ed.
n.p. n.d.
5 Q 20
Officium beatae Mariae virginis graece et latine. Ed. Fédéric Morel. 16mo.  
Paris 1603
13 M 78-79
Officium beatae Mariae virginis. Two copies. Possible eds are Cologne 1609, 16mo (Unicat), 1664 (BSB).
Cologne n.d.
1 & 20
Edward Lake
Officium eucharisticum, a preparatory service to a devout and worthy reception of the Lord's supper. 12mo. Anon. Not traced. Cf. Wing L191-192. Wing L 191 is the eighth ed., (1683), Wing L 192 (1687) is the twelfth ed. This must be one of the eds in between. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1686
8 R 28
Olaus Magnus
Olai magni gothi: archiepiscopi upsalensis, svetiae et gothiae primatis: de gentibus septentrionalibus historia. 12mo.  
Amberg 1599
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