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3 & 45
John Goodman
Winter-evening conference between neighbours: in three parts. 8vo. 7th ed. Wing G 1136. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1698
5 T 24
Desiderius Erasmus
Witt against wisdom, or a panegyrick upon folly. Tr. White Kennett. 8vo. Wing E 3215
Oxford 1683
5 R 16
Witty apophthegms delivered at severall times, and upon severall occasions, by king James [and others]. 12mo. Wing W 3237. Edited by Thomas Bayly.
London 1669
1 P 23
Works translated into English verse by Mr. Dryden. fol. Wing V 616. Under Dryden in Weldon.
London 1697
4 P 46
Works. The third cipher of the date is illegible, 1632 and 1684 eds have been found.
Amsterdam 1632
& 3-6
Samuel Clarke
Works. fol. 4 vols. Not traced. London 1738 eds have been found. Each volume has an additional title-page: those to vols 1 & 2 read: 'Sermons on several subjects', that to vol. 3 reads: 'A paraphrase on the four evangelists', and that to vol. 4: 'The scripture doctrine of the Trinity'. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1737
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