About the Catalogue of St. Edmunds
Future Work

Having provided a copy of Dom Benet Weldon's 1702 catalogue of the library of St Edmund's Priory in Paris, the intention of the editors is to develop further study of the library from this point. This will involve a study of later surviving library catalogues of St Edmund's. These include that of the Society of Saint Edmund (1749-1753), a learned association of monks and their lay friends, which had its own library, much of it devoted to science and philosophy, and which was housed in a separate section of the main monastery library. In 1786 Dom John Turner compiled a lengthy book list whose relationship to the library and catalogue at St Edmund's requires further research. The contents of the inventory drawn up by the French Revolutionary authorities in 1790 before the confiscation and ultimate dispersal of the library at St Edmund's need to be compared with earlier library catalogues. After the monastic community had been refounded in Douai, in northern France, in 1818, a library catalogue was compiled by Dom Bernard Collier in 1823 which listed books salvaged from the Paris library after the French Revolution. Finally, in 1904, following the monastic community's departure to England in 1903, there was an auction of library books left behind in Douai. The printed auction catalogue provides valuable information of books which had belonged to the library in Paris and which had been transferred to Douai in 1818.

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