About the Catalogue of St. Edmunds

The Weldon catalogue contains about 5800 entries with about 7530 volumes. This includes the La Celle Catalogue and the list of donations by De Salo. Weldon himself is responsible for 4400 entries, later librarians have added another 1400. It is difficult to give an exact figure for the number of entries and the number of volumes. Some items have been crossed out and with other works it is not clear whether they were combined or bound up in one volume. Likewise, it is not always possible to distinguish Weldon's entries from those of his successors. The three graphs below show the figures for the languages in which the books have been written, for the years of publication and for the places of publication. More than 600 entries have no place of publication in the catalogue (indicated by n.p.) but for at least half of them suggestions or evidence for a place of publication from the bibliographical sources consulted can be found in the notes. Both for the language and the place of publication the items with fewer occurrences have not been included.

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