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2 R 26
Thomas Herbert
Some yeares travels into divers parts of Asia and Afrique. fol. STC 13191. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine. Copy once owned by Thomas Southcott (1670-1748) who became president-general of the English Benedictines.
London 1638
Manuscript Biblia Sacra
4 A 34
Moshe Ben Bezalel Katz
Liturgy for the whole year [Hebrew]. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine which supplies place and date of publication, Prague 1613.
n.p. n.d.
3 I 1
Thomas More
The supplycacyon of soulys ... agaynst the supplycacyon of beggars. fol. STC 18092. Copac gives [London 1529]. A reply to Simon Fish 'A supplication for the beggars'. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine. This and the next two items are bound in one volume.
n.p. n.d.
V 3
Colliget Averrois libri VII ... totam medicinam in gentibus. fol. Averroes (1126-1198), Islamic lawyer, physician and philosopher, born at Cordoba. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine. Donated by John Thomas Woolhouse, oculist to James II, who practised in Paris.
Venice 1553
3 S 20
Richard Broughton
The ecclesiasticall historie of Great Britaine: deduced by ages. fol. ARCR II, 77. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine.
Douai 1633
2 R 54
Opera. In Caii Crispi Salustii opera familiaris interpretatio. 4to. ‘Bellum Catilinarium’, the title of the Douai Abbey copy, is the first mentioned item of the ‘Opera’ of Lyon, 1509. The entry in Weldon is simply 'Sallustius'. Weldon copy at Douai Abbey.
Lyon 1509
2 R 31
Thomas Sprat
A true account and declaration of the horrid conspiracy against the late King. fol. Wing S 5066. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine. Copy once owned by Anthony Turberville, prior of St. Edmund’s 1701-1705.
London 1685
2 R 28-29
Jean Baptiste Tavernier
Collections of travels through Turky into Persia, and the East Indies. Tr. John Philips. fol. 2 vols. Wing T 251-252. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine.
London 1684
6 A 38
George Buchanan
Psalmorum Davidis paraphrasis poetica. 12mo. Weldon has the remark 'ubi autem alia sit edita non apparet'. CCFr lists a [Geneva] [1566], 8vo. ed. Weldon copy at Douai Abbey (title-page missing).
n.p. n.d.
4 R 2
Heneage Finch
An exact and most impartial accompt of the indictment, arraignment, trial, and judgment ... of twenty nine regicides, the murtherers of his late sacred majesty. 4to. Anon. Wing N 1403 (in Wing under Nottingham; Finch was earl of Nottingham). Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine.
London 1660
2 R 22
John Guillim
A display of heraldrie. Ed. Francis Nower. fol. 4th ed. Wing G 2219. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine. Laurence Wolfe, monk of St Edmund’s and a contemporary of Weldon, once owned this book.
2R22-Bibl-Mazarine-Historici-Profani-Guillim-Display-1660-binding_t (4K)
London 1660
2 R 18-20
A large declaration concerning the late tumults in Scotland, from their first originalls. fol. STC 21906. Three copies. Under Scotland in STC. Weldon copy (2 R 20) in Bibl. Mazarine.
London 1639
2 R 14
William Camden
The historie of the life and reigne of the most renowned and victorious Princesse Elizabeth. fol. STC 4500.5. Anon. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine. The first detailed account of the reign of Elizabeth.
London 1630
2 Q 3
Tragoediae VII [Greek and Latin]. Ed. Pietro Vettori. 4to. Copac lists a [Geneva] and a [Paris] 1557 ed. Weldon copy at Douai Abbey.
n.p. 1557
1 Z 3
Joseph Hall
Episcopacie by divine right. 4to. STC 12661. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine.
London 1640
4 S 43
Richard Mason
Certamen seraphicum provinciae Angliae. 4to. In Weldon under Mason's name in religion Angelus a S. Francisco. Weldon copy at Stonyhurst College, Lancashire.
Douai 1649
Alexander ab Alexandro
Genialium dierum libri sex. 8vo. Weldon copy at Douai Abbey.
Paris 1579
W 6
John Blagrave
The mathematical jewel: shewing the making and most excellent use of a singular instrument. fol. STC 3119. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine. The book has an appendix of ‘Lunar Solace’.
London 1585
Sermones super orationem dominicam. 8vo.  
Paris 1494
9 K 5-7.2
Armand-Jean du Plessis de Richelieu
The principall points of the faith of the catholic church. Tr. by M.C. 8vo. Four copies. ARCR II, 646. Translated by M.C., i.e. Miles Carre, the alias of Miles Pinckney. One of the four Weldon copies at Ampleforth Abbey.
Paris 1635
7 R 11
Richard Hawkins
The observations of Sir Richard Hawkins in his voyage into the South Sea. fol. STC 12962. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine.
London 1622
6 Q 15
Orationes [Greek and Latin]. Ed. Henri Estienne. Weldon gives '1561 H. Steph.' [ i.e. Henricus Stephanus or Henri Estienne]. Weldon copy in Toulouse Univ. Libr. Toulouse gives Geneva as place of publication
n.p. 1561
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