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6 I 13
Matthew Kellison
A survey of the new religion, detecting manie grosse absurdities. 4to. ARCR II, 473
Douai 1605
6 I 14
Thomas Worthington
The second part of an Anker of christian doctrine. 4to. ARCR II, 842. Under T.W.S.T.D.P.A. in Weldon.
Mechelen 1620
6 I 15
Thomas Bayly
An end to controversie between the roman catholique and the protestant religions. 4to. Clancy 83. Under T.B. in Weldon.
Douai 1654
6 I 16
Thomas Worthington
An anker of christian doctrine. Parts 2, 3 and 4. 4to. ARCR II, 844. Anon.
Douai 1622
6 I 17-21
Anthony Champney
A treatise of the vocation of bishops and other ecclesiastical ministers. 4to. Five copies. ARCR II, 134; answers Mason's 'Of the consecration of bishops in the Church of England'.
Douai 1616
6 I 22
John Boxol
A treatise of justification ... Item, certaine translations touching the said matter of iustification. 4to. Not traced. STC 20088 and ARCR II, 650 give Reginald Pole as the author, and 1569 as the date of publication; no 1571 ed. has been found. Weldon gives the titles of the several parts of this collection.
Louvain 1571
6 I 23
Thomas Harding
An answere to Maister Iuelles Chalenge. 4to. ARCR II, 371 (Louvain 1564) or 372 (Antwerp 1565).
n.p. n.d.
6 I 24
Robert Persons
A temperate ward-word, to the turbulent and seditious watch-word of Sir Francis Hastinges knight. 4to. ARCR II, 637; on tp and in Weldon the author is given as N.D. ARCR suggests Antwerp as the place of publication.
n.p. 1599
6 I 25
Edward Weston
[No title] Weldon gives no title. STC and ARCR give four works by Weston.
-The repair of honour falsely impeached by Featlye (Bruges, 1624), ARCR II, 797, STC 25289
-The triall of christian truth by the rules of virtues , first part (Douai, 1614), ARCR II, 798; STC 25290
-The triall of christian truht [sic] ... second part (Douai 1615), ARCR II, 799; STC 25290.3
-A triple cure of a triple malady (n.p. 1616), ARCR II, 800; STC 25290.7
ARCR II, 798/STC 25290 seems the more likely candidate in view of the following title.
n.p. n.d.
6 I 26
Edward Weston
The triall of christian truht [sic] ... second part. 4to. ARCR II, 799
Douai 1615
6 I 27-28
Thomas Stapleton
A returne of untruthes upon M. Iewelles Replie. 4to. ARCR II, 732. Two copies.
Antwerp 1566
6 I 29
Edward Worsley
Truth will out: or a discovery of some untruths smoothly told by Dr. Ieremy Taylor in his Dissuasive from popery. 4to. Clancy 1136. Under E. W. in Weldon and Wing. Wing suggests London as the place of publication.
n.p. 1665
6 I 30
Patrick Comerford
The inquisition of a sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of the City of Waterford, in February 1617 ... by Robert Daborne. 4to. Wing C 94 (not in Clancy). Under P.C. in Weldon and Wing. Comerford was bishop of Waterford and Lismore.
Waterford 1644
6 I 31
Robert Persons
A quiet and sober reckoning with M. Thomas Morton somewhat set in choler by his adversary P. R. 4to. ARCR II, 633. Under P. R. in Weldon. ARCR suggests St. Omer as the place of publication.
n.p. 1609
6 I 32
Roger Widdrington
A cleare, sincere and modest confutation of the unsound ... Reply of ... Mr Thomas Fitzherbert. 4to. ARCR II, 655. Roger Widdrington is the pseudonym of Thomas Preston under which name he is found in ARCR. Under Widdrington in Weldon and STC.
n.p. 1616
6 I 33
Thomas Fitzherbert
The reply of T.F. in defence of the two first chapters of his Supplement ... impugned by one falsely naming himself Roger Widdrington. 4to. ARCR II, 284. Under T.F. in Weldon. Roger Widdrington was the alias of Thomas Preston. ARCR gives St. Omer as the place of publication.
n.p. 1614
6 I 34
John Sweet
Monsig.r fate voi. Or a discovery of the Dalmatian apostate, M. Antonius de Dominis, and his bookes. 4to. ARCR II, 739. Under C.A. in Weldon and on tp. ARCR suggests St. Omer.
n.p. 1617
6 I 35
Francis Walsingham
A search made into matters of religion. 4to. ARCR II, 785. ARCR suggests St. Omer as the place of publication.
n.p. 1609
6 I 36
Thomas Fitzherbert
An adjoynder to the supplement of father Robert Persons his discussion of M. doctor Barlowes answere. 4to. ARCR II, 278. ARCR gives the place of publication as St. Omer. Under F. T. in Weldon.
n.p. 1613
6 I 37
Robert Persons
An answere to the fifth part of reportes lately set forth by Syr Edward Cooke ... concerning the ancient and moderne municipall lawes of England. 4to. Anon. ARCR II, 608. ARCR suggests St. Omer as the place of publication.
n.p. 1606
6 I 38
John Floyd
The overthrow of the protestants pulpit-babels. 4to. ARCR II, 297. Under 'J. R.' in Weldon, i.e. John Rivers, the alias of John Floyd. ARCR suggests St. Omer as the place of publication.
n.p. 1612
6 I 39
John Brereley
The protestants apologie for the Roman Church. 4to. ARCR II, 19 or 20. John Brereley was the alias of James Anderton. Weldon copy at Pluscarden Abbey, Elgin, Scotland. The book originally belonged to the old Scalan Seminary collection that came from Chapeltown in Banffshire.
n.p. 1608
6 I 40
John Brereley
The lyturgie of the masse. 4to. ARCR II, 22. John Brereley was the alias of James Anderton.
Cologne 1620
7 I 1
Filippo Guadagnoli
Apologia pro christiana religione ... respondetur ad objectiones Ahmed Filii Zin Alabedin Persae Asphahensis. 4to.  
Rome 1631
7 I 2
Franciscus Turrianus
De hierarchicis ordinationibus ministrorum ecclesiae catholicae adversus schismaticas vocationes. 4to.  
Dillingen 1569
7 I 3
Alban Langdaile
Catholica confutatio impiae determinationis D. Nicolai Ridlaei. 4to.  
Paris 1556
7 I 4
Francis Porter
Palinodia religionis praetensae reformatae. 4to.  
Rome 1679
7 I 5
Franciscus Turrianus
Defensio locorum s. scripturae de ecclesia catholica ... adversus cauillationes Antonii Sadeelis Lutherani. 4to.  
Cologne 1580
7 I 6
Henricus Marcellus
De augustissimo corporis et sanguinis Dominici sacramento dissertatio. 4to.  
Antwerp 1656
7 I 7
Thomas Bacon
Regula viva seu analysis fidei in Dei per ecclesiam nos docentis auctoritatem. 4to. ARCR I, 33. Bacon's alias was Southwell.
Antwerp 1638
7 I 8
Jacques de Lescomay
Pratique de l'église primitive. 4to.  
Paris 1647
7 I 9
Thomas Illyricus
Libellus de potestate summi pontificis ... clipeus status papalis. 4to.  
Turin 1523
7 I 10
Ambrosius de Rusconibus
Triumphus catholicae veritatis adversus omnes haereses. 4to.  
Venice 1619
7 I 11
John Fisher
De veritate corporis et sanguinis Christi in eucharistia. fol. Under Roffensis in Weldon. Fisher was bishop of Rochester. Written against the German theologian Johannes Oecolampadius.
Cologne 1527
7 I 12
John Gibbons
Concertatio ecclesiae catholicae in Anglia. 4to. ARCR I, 526. Anon. Gibbons was the editor of this work together with John Fen.
Trier 1589
7 I 13-14
Martinus Becanus
Manuale controversiarum huius temporis. 4to. Two copies.
Antwerp 1624
7 I 15
Martinus Becanus
Theologica scholastica pars tertia. Tractatus secundus de sacramentis ecclesiae. 8vo. Not traced. Only a 1630 Lyon ed. has been found.
Lyon 1614
7 I 16
Gerardus Rym
Scutum inexpugnabile aequitatis, sive aequa et modesta responsio ad libellum ... sub nomine Propugnaculi reformationis monasticae ordinis Sancti Benedicti. 4to.  
Douai 1635
7 I 17
Thomas Stapleton
Principiorum fidei doctrinalium relectio scholastica et compendiaria ... Triplicatio inchoata adversus Gulielmum Whitakerum. 4to. ARCR I, 1154
Antwerp 1596
7 I 18
Thomas Stapleton
Triplicatio inchoata adversus Gulielmum Whitakerum. 4to. ARCR I, 1154. Part two of 'Principiorum fidei', published separately.
Antwerp 1596
7 I 19
Juan de Torquemada
Tractatus contra principales errores Mahometi et Turcorum Sarracenorum. Not traced. Copac has a 1476 Brussels folio ed.; BnF and CCFr have a Paris, n.d. 8vo ed.
Paris 1465
7 I 20
Théophile Raynaud
Splendor veritatis moralis, collatus cum tenebris mendacii. 8vo. ARCR I, 69; answers John Barnes's treatise on equivocation; in Weldon under Stephanus Emonerius, the pseudonym of Théophile Raynaud.
Lyon 1627
7 I 20.2
John Walker
Presbyteries triall, or the occasion and motives of conversion to the catholique faith, of a person of quality in Scotland. 8vo. Clancy 1010. Under F.W.S. in Weldon. In Wing filed under William Stuart.
Paris 1657
7 I 21
Jean Gontery
La pierre de touche ou la vraye méthode pour désabuser les esprits trompez soubs couleur de réformation. 8vo.  
Bordeaux 1614
7 I 22
James Gordon
Controversiarum christianae fidei adversus huius temporis haereticos epitome. 8vo. ARCR I, 609, 610 or 611.
Cologne 1620
7 I 23 & 27
William Allen
Ad persecutores anglos pro catholicis domi forisque persecutionem sufferentibus. Tr. William Rainolds. ARCR I, 18. Two copies. Anon. ARCR suggests 1584 as the date of publication.
n.p. n.d.
7 I 24
Théophile Brachet de la Milletière
La victoire de la vérité pour la paix de l'église, au roy de la Grande Bretagne. 8vo.  
Paris 1651
7 I 25-26
Leonardus Lessius
Quae fides et religio sit capessenda, consultatio. 8vo. 3rd ed. Two copies.
Antwerp 1614
7 I 28
Isaac Habert
De l'union de l'église avec l'état ... contre le livre d'Optatus Gallus. Tr. L. Giry. 8vo.  
Paris 1641
7 I 29
Philippe Codurc
Antithèse de la Cène de N.S.J.-C. et de la Cène calvinienne. 8vo. Also includes 'La colombe de Noë ou la signe de la Croix' (1656) and 'Un traité sommaire touchant l'élection du pape par H.B.B. [Jerome Bignon]'. Weldon suggests that the three works are in one volume.
Paris 1656-1657
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