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7 K 20
John Vincent Canes
To katholiko Stillingfleeton. Or an account given ... of Dr. Stillingfleet's late book. 8vo. Clancy 167. Under J.V.C. in Weldon.
Bruges 1672
7 K 21
John Keynes
Dr. Stillingfleet still against Dr. Stillingfleet ... by J.W. 8vo. Clancy 572.6. Under J.W. in Weldon. John Williams was the alias of John Keynes. Sometimes also attributed to John Warner.
n.p. 1675
7 K 22
Henry Turberville
An abridgment of christian doctrine. 16mo. Clancy 982
London 1698
7 K 23
William Allen
A true, sincere and modest defence of English catholiques. 8vo. ARCR (II, 14) gives [1584]. Anon.
n.p. n.d.
7 K 24
Matthew Kellison
A treatise of the hierarchie and divers orders of the church against the anarchie of Calvin. 8vo. ARCR II, 474
Douai 1629
7 K 25
John Fraser
Offer maid to a gentilman of qualitie ... to subscribe and embrace the ministers of Scotlands religion. 8vo. ARCR II, 313. Weldon adds 'with Perez letter's'. Is this perhaps the work found in Copac (BL) 'Cartas de A. Perez'. 8vo. Paris [1603?]?
Paris 1604
7 K 26
Hugh Paulin Cressy
Exomologesis or a faithful narration of the occasion and motives of the conversion unto catholique unity. 12mo. Clancy 261
Paris 1647
7 K 27
Claude de Sainctes
Ad edicta veterum principum de licentia sectarum in christiana religione. 8vo.  
Paris 1561
7 K 28
Jean-Pierre Camus
The protestants approach to the Church of Rome. 8vo. Clancy 157.3. Under Bishop Belley in Weldon. Camus was Bishop of Belley.
Rouen 1643
7 K 29
William Rainolds
A treatise conteyning the true catholike and apostolike faith of the holy sacrifice and sacrament ordeyned by Christ at his last supper. 8vo. ARCR II, 669
Antwerp 1593
7 K 30
Philippe Dubois-Goibaud
Conformité de la conduite de l'église de France pour ramener les protestans. 12mo. Anon.
Paris 1685
7 K 31
Jacques Davy du Perron
Actes de la conférence tenue entre le sieur évesque d'Evreux et le sieur du Plessis. 4to. Under J. Davy in Weldon. Jacques Davy du Perron was the bishop of Evreux.
Evreux 1601
7 K 32
Roberto Bellarmini
Responsio ad librum inscriptum, Triplici nodo, triplex cuneus ... sive Apologia pro iuramento fidelitatis. Under Tortus in Weldon. Matthaeus Tortus was the pseudonym of Bellarmini; the book in question, 'Triplici nodo triplex cuneus' was written by James I.
n.p. n.d.
7 K 32.2
The attestation of ... Don Carlos Coloma, embassadour ... for Spayne. 8vo. ARCR II, 191. ARCR gives Brussels as the place of publication.
n.p. 1631
7 K 33
An examination of the book intituled The true gospel of Jesus Christ asserted by T. Chubb. 8vo. The deist Thomas Chubb was the author of 'The true gospel'.
London 1739
7 K 34
Jean Morin
Opera posthuma I. De catechumenorum expiatione II. De sacramento confirmationis III. De contritione et attritione. 4to.  
Paris 1703
7 K 35-36
Roberto Bellarmini
Solida christianae fidei demonstratio. Ed. Boudewijn de Jonge. 4to. Two copies. Not traced. An Antwerp 1611 ed. has been found.
Antwerp 1612
7 K 37-38
Thomas Sherlock
Several discourses preached at the Temple church. 8vo. 2 vols. Weldon adds to the title 'ín defence of revealed religion'. Sherlock was Bishop of London.
London 1754
7 K 39
Thomas Sherlock
The use and intent of prophecy in the several ages of the world. 8vo. 4th ed. Sherlock was Bishop of London.
London 1744
7 K 41
Thomas Phillips
A letter to a student at a foreign university on the study of divinity. 8vo. BKS 2261. Weldon gives T.P. as the author.
London 1756
7 K 42
Jacques Bénigne Bossuet
De nova questione tractatus tres. 8vo. The three tracts are: I. Mystici in tuto II. Schola in tuto III. Quietismus redivivus (a criticism of Fénelon's Explication).
Paris 1698
7 K 43
Joseph Butler
The analogy of religion, natural and revealed, to the constitution and course of nature. 8vo. 3rd ed. Butler was Bishop of Bristol.
London 1740
7 K 44
Edward Worsley
Protestancy without principles. 4to. Clancy 1134. Under E.W. in Weldon and Wing.
Antwerp 1668
7 K 45
Edward Worsley
Reason and religion. 4to. Clancy 1135. Under E.W. in Weldon and Wing. Weldon copy in Bibl. Mazarine. Once owned by Joseph Johnston O.S.B.
Antwerp 1672
7 K 46
John Conybeare
A defense of revealed religion against the exceptions of a late writer. 4to. 3rd ed. A reply to Matthew Tindal's 'Christianity as old as the creation'.
London 1732
7 K 47-48
John Leland
An answer to a late book intituled, Christianity as old as the creation. 8vo. 2nd. ed. 2 vols. The book in question is by Matthew Tindal.
London 1740
7 K 49-50
John Leland
The divine authority of the old and new testament asserted. 8vo. 2nd ed. 2 vols. A reply to Thomas Morgan's 'The moral philosopher'.
London 1739-1740
7 K 51
James Knight
Eight sermons preached at the cathedral church of St. Paul in defence of the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. 8vo.  
London 1721
7 K 52-55
Robert Manning
The case stated between the Church of Rome and the Church of England. 8vo. 2 vols. BKS 1737. Two sets. Anon. BKS suggests Rouen as the place of publication.
n.p. 1721
7 K 56
Robert Manning
The reform'd churches proved destitute of a lawful ministry. 8vo. BKS 1756 or 1757. Anon.
Rouen 1722
7 K 57
Robert Manning
England's conversion and reformation compared. 8vo. BKS 1739, 1740 or 1741. Anon.
Antwerp 1725
7 K 58
La veritable décision de toutes les controverses par la résolution d'une seule question. 8vo.  
Paris 1685
7 K 59
Edward Chandler
A defence of christianity from the prophecies of the old testament. 8vo. 3rd ed. Under Edw. Bp of C[oventry] & Litch[field] in Weldon.
London 1728
7 K 60-61
Edward Chandler
A vindication of the Defence of christianity from the prophecies of the old testament. 8vo. 2 vols. Under Edw. Bp of C[oventry] & Litch[field] in Weldon.
London 1728
7 K 62-63
Daniel Waterland
A vindication of Christ's divinity. 8vo. 4th ed. 2 vols. The second volume is of the 2nd ed. published in 1731.
Cambridge 1721-1731
7 K 64
William Allen
De sacramentis in genere. 4to. ARCR I, 6
Antwerp 1576
7 K 65
Tommaso Campanella
Atheismus triumphatus: seu contra antichristianismum. 4to.  
Paris 1636
7 K 66
Antoine Arnauld
La perpétuité de la foy de l'église catholique touchant l'eucharistie. 12mo. Anon. The co-author is Pierre Nicole. The second and third eds also have the date 1664. Weldon states that this book also contains other treatises.
Paris 1664
7 K 67
Armand-Jean du Plessis de Richelieu
Traité qui contient la méthode ... pour convertir ceux qui se sont séparés de l'église. 4to.  
Paris 1663
7 K 68
Henri-Pons de Thyard de Bissy
Mandement et instruction pastorale ... sur le jansénisme. 4to. Thyard de Bissy was Bishop of Meaux.
Paris 1710
7 K 69
Charles Bordes
Supplement au traité dogmatique et historique des édits. 4to. Anon.
Paris 1703
7 K 70-71
François Vivant
La vraie manière de contribuer à la réunion de l'église anglicane à l'église catholique. 4to. Two copies.
Paris 1728
8 K 1
Ignatius Brown
Pax vobis, or ghospell and libertie against ancient and modern papists. 12mo. 2nd ed. Anon. Clancy 145.6. In Wing under G[riffith] E[van].
n.p. 1687
8 K 2
Ignatius Brown
Pax vobis, or ghospell and libertie against ancient and modern papists. 12mo. 5th ed. Anon. Clancy 145.9. In Wing under G[riffith] E[van].
London 1687
8 K 3
John Warner
Anti-Goliah, or an epistle to Mr. Brevint. 8vo. Clancy 1048. Weldon gives the author as 'E.W.' Wing (W 904B) suggests Antwerp as the place of publication.
n.p. 1678
8 K 4
Hugh Paulin Cressy
Reflexions upon the oathes of supremacy and allegiance. 8vo. Clancy 271 or 272. Anon.
n.p. 1661
8 K 5
Hugh Paulin Cressy
An epistle apologetical of S.C. 8vo. Clancy 260; a reply to Edward Hyde's 'Animadversions upon a book entitled Fanaticism'. Wing suggests London as place of publication.
n.p. 1674
8 K 6
Robert Persons
A defence of the censure, given upon two bookes of William Charke and Meredith Hanmer mynysters, whiche they wrote against M. Edmond Campion. 8vo. ARCR II, 624. Anon.
n.p. 1582
8 K 7
T. P. P.
The character or true markes of an heretike expressed by the harmonies of the scripture and fathers. 8vo. Clancy 755.8. Clancy suggests that the book was in fact published at Paris.
Antwerp 1649
8 K 8
Matthew Kellison
A treatise of the hierarchie and divers orders of the church against the anarchie of Calvin. 8vo. ARCR II, 474
Douai 1629
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