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3 T 30-32
Alexander Pope
Letters of Mr. Pope and several eminent persons. 8vo. Three copies. Either vol. 1 of the two-volume ed. covering the period 1705-1711, or vol. 1 of the five-volume ed. covering the period 1704-1734.
London 1735
3 T 33
Philip Warwick
A discourse of government, as examined by reason, scripture and the law of the land. Ed. Thomas Smith. 8vo. Wing W 991
London 1694
3 T 34
Dictionarium novum latino-gallico-italicum. 8vo. Published by Duilier.
[Paris] 1677
3 T 35
Neues teutsch-französisch-lateines dictionarium. 8vo. 3rd ed.  
Basel 1683
3 T 36-37
Nathanael Duez
Dittionario italiano e francese. Dictionnaire italien et françois. 8vo. 2 vols.  
Lyon 1671
3 T 38
Liber MSS carminum plurimorum.  
n.p. n.d.
3 T 39
Nouveau dictionnaire du voyageur, françois-alleman-latin et alleman-françois-latin. 8vo. 5th ed.  
Geneva 1713
3 T 40
Edward Young
The complaint or night-thoughts on life, death & immortality. 4to.  
London 1742-1743
4 T 1
Gabriel Rollenhagen
Nucleus emblematum selectissimorum. 4to.  
Cologne n.d.
4 T 2
Abraham Ortelius
Deorum dearumque capita ex antiquis numismatibus. 4to. Anon.
Antwerp 1573
4 T 3
William Clarke
A replie unto a certaine libell ... by Fa: Parsons ... intituled A manifestation of the great folly and bad spirit of certaine ... secular priestes. 4to. ARCR II, 139. Anon. Persons's 'Manifestation' appeared in 1602 (ARCR II, 631).
n.p. 1603
4 T 4
George Leyburn
Dr Leyburns encyclicall answere. 4to. Clancy 593; this publication is part of his quarrel with the priests of the English Chapter.
Douai 1661
4 T 5
Nicolas Caussin
Symbolica Aegyptiorum sapientia. 8vo.  
Paris 1633
4 T 6
Antonio de Guevara
L'horloge des princes avec le ... livre de Marc Aurèle. CCFr lists over 20 eds for the period 1540-1608.
n.p. n.d.
4 T 7
David Leidhresserus
David Leidhresserus super doctrinae capitibus inter Academiam Parisiensem, et Societatis Iesu patres controversiis, dissertatio politica. 8vo. David Leidhresserus was the pseudonym of Didier Herault.
Cologne 1612
4 T 8
William Allen
An apologie and true declaration of the institution and endevours of the two English colleges, the one in Rome ... the other ... in Rhemes. 8vo. ARCR II, 6. Anon.
Mons 1581
4 T 9
Robert Persons
A briefe apologie, or defence of the catholike ecclesiastical hierarchie. 8vo. ARCR II, 610 or 611. Anon. ARCR suggests [late 1601] for 610 and [1601] for 611.
n.p. n.d.
4 T 10
Edward Gee
An exercitation concerning usurped powers. 4to. Wiig G 449. Anon. Copac and Wing suggest London as the place of publication.
n.p. 1650
4 T 11-12
Diego de Saavreda Fajardo
Le prince chrétien et politique. Tr. J. Rou. 18mo. 2 vols.  
Paris 1668
4 T 13
Michael Drayton
Poems. 12mo. STC 7225
London 1637
4 T 14
Histoire des amours d'Abailard et d'Héloise. 12mo.  
Amsterdam 1700
4 T 15
Aesop naturaliz'd: in a collection of fables and stories. 8vo. 4th ed. Weldon gives 'J. J.' as editor.
London 1727
4 T 16
John Barclay
Euphormionis Lusinini satyricon. 12mo. 'The first surviving ed. of Barclay's best-selling novel' (Copac).
Paris 1605
4 T 17
Louise Labé
The debate of love and folly, englished by E. Stradlynge. MSS. A printed ed. of this translated work appeared in 1608 as part of Robert Greene's, 'Greenes card of fancie ... (The debate betweene Folly and Love)'. STC 12264
n.p. n.d.
4 T 18
Bibliothèque britannique, ou histoire des ouvrages des savans de la Grande Bretagne [June - December 1733]. 8vo. Copac lists a collection of 25 vols of this periodical for the period 1733-1747.
The Hague 1733
4 T 19
Raymond Poisson
Les foux divertissans, comédie. 12mo. In Weldon under R.P.
Paris 1681
4 T 20
Michel de Montaigne
Pensees propres à former l'esprit et les moeurs. 12mo.  
Amsterdam 1703
4 T 21
Samuel Butler
Hudibras. The second part. The second part was first published in 1663.
n.p. n.d.
4 T 22
Hugo Grotius
Christ's passion, a tragedie [in verse]. 8vo. STC 12397. A translation of Grotius's 'Christus patiens' by George Sandys, under whose name the book is listed in Weldon.
London 1640
4 T 23
N. N.
America: or an exact description of the West-Indies. 8vo. Wing N 26
London 1655
4 T 24-26
Jean Racine
Oeuvres. 12mo. 3 vols.  
Paris 1750
4 T 27-28
Jean de la Bruyère
Les caractères de Théophraste, avec les caractères ou les moeurs de ce siècle. 12mo. 2 vols.  
Paris 1750
4 T 29
Jean de la Fontaine
Fables choisis mises en vers avec un commentaire de Mr Coste. Weldon gives as date '175 ...'; a Paris 1755 ed. has been found.
Paris 1755
4 T 30
François de la Vallière
Pratique et maximes de la guerre. Not traced. Several 17th cent. eds have been found.
Paris 1717
4 T 31
Blaise-François de Pagan
Les fortifications de M. le Cte de Pagan avec ses théorêmes. 12mo. 3rd ed.  
Paris 1669
4 T 32
Jean le Clerc
Bibliothèque choisie de l'année 1706. vol. 9. CCFr gives an Amsterdam 1714-1730 ed. comprising 29 vols; part of the item has been crossed out.
Amsterdam 1719
4 T 33
Dante con nuove et utili ispositioni. Ed. Alessandro Vellutello. 16mo.  
Lyon 1551
4 T 34
Henry Cockeram
The English dictionarie or an interpreter of hard English words. 8vo. STC 5461
London 1631
4 T 35
Francis Bacon
The wisedome of the ancients. 12mo. STC 1130. Tr. Sir Arthur Gorges.
London 1619
5 T 1
Ovid's epistles translated by several hands. 8vo. 4th ed. Wing O 663 or 663A. With the addition of three epistles of Sabinus.
London 1688
5 T 2
Maurice Newport
Sereniss. principe Carolo secundo ... votum candidum vivat rex. 8vo. 3rd ed. Clancy 367.6. Maurice Newport was the alias of Maurice Ewen.
London 1676
5 T 3
James Howell
Epistolae Ho-Elianae: familiar letters. 8vo. 7th ed.  
London 1705
5 T 4
James Howell
Epistolae Ho-Elianae: familiar letters. 8vo. 2nd ed. Wing H 3072
London 1650
5 T 5
His six books of Epicurean philosophy. Tr. & ed. Thomas Creech. 8vo. 3rd ed. Wing L 3448. A verse translation of 'De rerum natura'.
London 1683
5 T 5.2
An essay on the first book of ... De rerum natura. Tr. & ed. John Evelyn. 8vo. Wing L 3446. A verse translation.
London 1656
5 T 6
Adrien Baillet
Auteurs déguisez sous les noms étrangers, empruntez, supposez, feints à plaisirs, chiffrez. 12mo. Anon.
Paris 1690
5 T 7
Thomas Deacon
Manchester vindicated: being a compleat collection of the papers lately published in defence of that town, in the Chester Courant. 12mo. Anon.
Chester 1749
5 T 8
Recueil de lettres nouvelles de MM Malherbe ... Conac, Racan, Balzac. 8vo. Vol. 2 of the two-volume 1637 ed.
Paris 1637
5 T 9-10
Vincent de Voiture
Les oeuvres. 12mo. 2 vols.  
Paris 1745
5 T 11-12
Johan Turesson
Pensees ... sur divers sujets avec ... réflections morales. 12mo. 2 vols. Under Comte d'Oxenstirn, Turesson's title, in Weldon. The item has been crossed out.
The Hague 1746
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