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1 V 20
Arnaldus de Villanova
De conservanda bona valetudine, opusculum scholae Salernitanae, ad regem Angliae. Ed. Joannes Curio. 12mo. The Schola Medica Salernitana, founded in the 9th century in Salerno in Southern Italy, was the world's first medical school.
Antwerp 1557
1 V 21
Deux livres des simples. Tr. Jehan Canappe. 16mo. USTC lists Paris eds of 15[42], 1555 and 1563. Weldon does not give a date so this is probably the 15[42] one.
Paris n.d.
1 V 22-23
Gaspard Bauhin
Histoire des plantes de l'Europe, et des plus usitées qui viennent d'Asie, d'Afrique et d'Amerique. 12mo. 2 vols. Anon.
Lyon 1680
1 V 24
Jean Riolan
Encheiridium anatomicum et pathologicum ... ad usum theatri anatomici adornatum. 12mo.  
Paris 1648
1 V 25
Nicholas Culpeper
Culpeper's last legacy ... chirurgery and physick ... compounding of medicines, making of waters, syrups, oyles. 8vo. 4th ed. Wing C 7520
London 1668
1 V 26
W. M.
The queen's closet opened: incomparable secrets in physick, chirurgery, preserving and candying. 12mo. Wing M 96. Anon. Under W. M. in Wing.
London 1668
1 V 27
Waltherus Rivius
Spiegel unnd Regiment der Gesundtheyt. 8vo.  
Frankfurt 1555
1 V 28
John Sadler
Enchiridion medicum: an enchiridion of the art of physick. Tr. & ed. Robert Turner. 8vo. Wing S 275. Sadler wrote the popular self-help manual `The sick woman's private looking-glasse' (1636).
London 1657
1 V 29
René Gendry
Verité des rapports. Not traced. Other medical works by Gendry published at Angers have been found.
Angers 1650
1 V 30
John Ray
Catalogus plantarum Angliae et insularum adjacentium. 8vo. 2nd ed. Wing R 382
London 1677
1 V 31
Thomas Gibson
The anatomy of humane bodies epitomized. 8vo. 2nd ed. Wing G 673
London 1684
1 V 32
William Ramesey
Tractatus de venenis, or, a treatise of poysons. 8vo. Wing R 211
London 1661
1 V 33
James Primrose
De vulgi erroribus in medicina libri IV. 12mo.  
Amsterdam 1639
1 V 34
Thiers de Marconnay
Nouvelles découvertes en médecine, ou ancienne médecine développée. 12mo.  
The Hague 1734
1 V 35
Michel Bermingham
Traduction des statuts des docteurs régens de la faculté de médecine en l'Université de Paris. 8vo. Michel Bermingham is in fact the translator of the Latin original.
Paris 1754
1 V 36
Richard Mathews
The unlearned alchymist his antidote, or a more full and ample explanation of the use, virtue and benefit of my pill, entituled, An effectual diaphoretick. 8vo. Wing M 1291
London 1663
1 V 37
Nicolas de Bonnefons
The French gardiner, instructing how to cultivate all sorts of fruit-trees & herbs. Tr. John Evelyn. 4to. 4th ed. Wing B 3603. In Weldon under the name of the translator John Evelyn.
London 1691
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