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Editionum Tempora et Loca
4 T 23
N. N.
America: or an exact description of the West-Indies. 8vo. Wing N 26
London 1655
9 R 51
N. N.
The blatant beast muzzl'd: or reflexions on a late libel, entitled, The secret history of the reigns of K. Charles II and K. James II. 12mo. Wing N 28. Anon. Under N. N. in Wing. 'The secret history' was attributed to John Phillips.
n.p. 1691
10 M 89
N. N.
The booke of the holy society commonly called of twelve. 24mo. Weldon has the title 'The society of twelve'. The title we give is the only title in ARCR that comes close and seems to fit. It is a translation from the French of a book of litanies and prayers by an unidentified N.N. ARCR II, 561, Douai 1626.
n.p. n.d.
14 M 23.2
N. N.
The duty of man or an enquiry after happiness: in a letter from a converted infidel. 12mo. In Copac under N.N.
Paris 1721
5 R 57
Giovanni Nanni
Antiquitatum variarum autores, quorum catalogum sequens continet pagella. 16mo. Anon.
Lyon 1560
2 R 21
Giovanni Nanni
Antiquitatum variarum volumina XVII. fol. In Weldon under Annii.
Paris 1515
3 H 12
Johannes of Naples
Quaestiones variae Parisiis disputatae. Ed. Dominicus Gravina. fol.  
Naples 1618
4 I 27
Cornelius Nary
A modest and true account of the chief points in controversy between the roman catholicks and the protestants. 8vo. BKS 1929 or 1930
Antwerp [i.e. London] 1705
2 H 12
Herveus Natalis
In quatuor libros sententiarum commentaria. fol.  
Paris 1647
1 L 16
Fridericus Nausea
Evangelicae veritatis homiliarum centuriae tres. fol. 2nd ed. CCFr and BSB give Cologne as the place of publication.
n.p. 1532
6 H 1
Baltasar Navarette
Controversiae in Divi Thomae et ejus scholae defensionem. fol. Vol. 2 of the two-volume ed., the first volume appeared in 1605 (the date in Weldon).
Valladolid 1609
8 S 12
Michel Naveau
Chronicon apparitionum et gestorum S. Michaelis archangeli. 8vo.  
Douai 1632
1 F 11-12
Joannes Paulus Nazarius
Disputationes et commentaria scholastica in Summam D. Thomae Aquinatis. fol. 2 vols.  
Cologne 1621
7 M 13
Joannes Paulus Nazarius
Excerpta ex opusculis theologicis de reformatione religiosorum. 8vo.  
Paris 1634
1 M 11
Antiquarium monasticum. fol.  
Vienna 1650
7 O 24
John Turberville Needham
Nouvelles observations microscopiques. 12mo.  
Paris 1750
7 E 21-22
Stephanus de Neef
Theologia moralis ... de actibus humanis ... de virtutibus ... de sacramentis. 12mo. 2 vols.  
Ypres 1732
9 M 31.2-31.3
Robert Nelson
The whole duty of a christian in 3 parts. Anon. Two copies. This is either Hugo Grotius 'The whole duty of a christian' (London 1711) or more likely Robert Nelson 'The whole duty of a christian ... for the use of the charity-schools, lately erected in and about London (Edinburgh 1711).
n.p. 1711
9 R 42-43
Cornelius Nepos
Aemilius Probus seu Corn. Nepos de vita excellentium imperatorum. 12mo. Two copies. Under Aemilius Probus in Weldon.
Paris 1627
9 R 56
Cornelius Nepos
De vita excellentium imperatorum. Tr. and ed. S. A. de Préfontaine. 12mo.  
Paris 1721
7 R 63
Cornelius Nepos
Vitæ excellentium imperatorum: cum versione anglica ... or, Cornelius Nepos's Lives of the excellent commanders. Tr. and ed. John Clarke. 8vo. 7th ed. Under John Clarke in Weldon. Weldon copy at Douai Abbey.
London 1748
12 M 82
François Nepveu
Retraite selon l'esprit et la méthode de saint Ignace. 12mo. 3rd ed.  
Paris 1696
1 W 20
Antonio Neri
De arte vitraria libri VII. Ed. Christopher Meret. 12mo. The subject is glass-manufacture and artificial precious stones.
Amsterdam 1686
2a R 16
Pierre Neron
Edits et ordonnances de François Ier à Louis XIV par Neron et Girard. fol. The two authors/compilers are Pierre Neron and Estienne Girard.
Paris 1666
2 R 49
Salomon Neugebauer
Historiae rerum polonicarum libri quinque. 4to.  
Frankfurt 1611
2 Y 11
Edo Neuhusius
Fatidica sacra, sive de divina futurorum praenunciatione. 8vo.  
Amsterdam 1635
3 R 11
William of Newburgh
De rebus anglicis sui temporis libri quinque. 8vo.  
Paris 1610
3 R 12
William of Newburgh
Rerum anglicarum libri quinque: recens ceu e tenebris eruti, & in studiosorum gratiam in lucem dati. 8vo. Weldon adds 'cum notis J. Picardi'.
Antwerp 1567
5 T 2
Maurice Newport
Sereniss. principe Carolo secundo ... votum candidum vivat rex. 8vo. 3rd ed. Clancy 367.6. Maurice Newport was the alias of Maurice Ewen.
London 1676
Maurice Newport
Sereniss. principi Carolo Secundo ... votum candidum vivat rex. 8vo. 3rd ed. Wing N 939B. A poem on King Charles II.
London 1676
& 32
Isaac Newton
Observations upon the prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John. 4to. Listed in Books in Hell.
London 1733
3 O 29
Isaac Newton
Optice: sive de reflexionibus, refractionibus, inflexionibus et coloris lucis libri tres ... Latine reddidit S. Clarke. 4to. 2nd ed.  
London 1719
3 O 28
Isaac Newton
Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica. 4to.  
Amsterdam 1723
2 S 22
Xanthopulus Nicephorus_Callistus
Ecclesiasticae historiae libri decem et octo ... opera ... Joannis Langi. fol. There is a 1561 Basel ed.
Basel n.d.
W 3
Jean-François Niceron
Thaumaturgus opticus seu admiranda. fol.  
Paris 1646
& 73-74
William Nicholls
A conference with a theist ... with the addition of two conferences, the one with a machiavellian, the other with an atheist. 8vo. 3rd ed. 2 vols.  
London 1723
3 D 13
Opera ... in quibus theologiae mysteria plurima ... revelantur. fol. Three tomes in one vol.
Basel 1565
5 B 41
Tractatus de censuris et inhabilitatibus ecclesiasticis. 12mo.  
Paris 1631
4 K 19
Pierre Nicole
De l'unité de l'église ou réfutation du nouveau système de M. Jurieu. 12mo. Anon.
Paris 1687
2 M 13.2-13.5
Pierre Nicole
Essais de morale contenus en divers traités sur plusieurs devoirs importants: suivis de la continuation des Essais de morale. 12mo. 4 vols. Anon. Four volumes out of a set of 9 published between 1687 and 1703.
Paris 1687
2 M 10-13
Pierre Nicole
Essais de morale, contenus en divers traitez sur plusieurs devoirs importans. 12mo. 4 vols. Anon. Four vols from different eds. Vol. 1 is of the 6th ed., vol. 2 of the 4th, vols 3 and 4 of the 3rd ed.
Paris 1682-1687
10 M 44.2-44.10
Pierre Nicole
Essais de morale, contenus en divers traitez sur plusieurs devoirs importans. 12mo. 9 vols. The first volume of this popular work by the Jansenist Pierre Nicole was
published in 1671, and was followed at irregular intervals by others; altogether the series numbers fourteen volumes. Weldon has nine volumes (and adds that the third volume is wanting) in date ranging from 1678 to 1715, mainly from the fifth edition. The places of publication are Paris and The Hague. The entry is not very clear so it is not possible to give separate data for the individual volumes.
Paris-The Hague 1678-1715
4 E 18-19
Pierre Nicole
Instructions théologiques et morales sur les sacremens. 12mo. 2 vols.  
Paris 1700
4 I 29
Pierre Nicole
La créance de l'église grecque sur la transsubstantiation defendue. 12mo.  
Paris 1672
3 K 12-13
Pierre Nicole
La créance de l'église grecque touchant la transsubstantiation, défendue contre la réponse du ministre Claude au livre de M. Arnauld. 12mo. 2 vols. Anon.
Paris 1672-1675
3 K 35
Pierre Nicole
Les pretendus réformés convaincus de schisme. 12mo. 2nd ed. Anon. The very long title in Weldon has been considerably shortened here.
Paris 1686
1 K 50
Pierre Nicole
Prejugez légitimes contre les calvinistes. 12mo. Under Antoine Arnauld in Weldon.
Paris 1679
1 K 50.2
Pierre Nicole
Prejugez légitimes contre les calvinistes. 12mo. Under Antoine Arnauld in Weldon.
Paris 1686
8 M 34
Pierre Nicole
Traité de l'oraison divisé en sept livres. 8vo. 2nd ed. Anon. This book occurs at the end of the section Libri Pii with the shelfmark 8 M 34, the same as volume 2 of Hauranne's 'Lettres chrétiennes'.
Paris 1684
7 M 11
Honorat Nicquet
Stimulus ingrati animi. 8vo.  
Rouen 1661
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