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» Comings, Goings & the BBC

Douai Abbey
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» It is proving a busy week. Staying with us at the moment are about 16 priests who are being led on a retreat by Fr Armand de Malleray FSSP. Also with us this week is Fr Godric, on a few days holiday.

» Fr Francis Straw, the secretary to the abbot president, has now begun to reside here on weekdays, and at present is supervising the establishment of the presidential curia and secretariat. The IT team from Buckfast are here installing a new internet network to serve the curia, but which will also benefit the monastery.

» Young pupils from The Cedars School visited the monastery today, and were welcomed by Fr Oliver who gave them a presentation about the monastery and the abbey church. Given the wild wet weather, they will also have seen the leaks in the nave of the church, the result of it being truly a holey church (sorry!).

» Fr Finbar is away this week with Elsa, the guesthouse administrator, at Buckfast for a monastic guestmasters' conference.

» For those who missed Fr Abbot's interview on BBC South Today last week about our archives, fear not. The producers have kindly given us a copy which can be watched here.

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