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Douai Abbey is home to a community of monks of the English Benedictine Congregation. Under the patronage of St Edmund, King & Martyr, we were founded in Paris in 1615. Uprooted by the French Revolution we settled at Douai in Flanders, finally returning to England in 1903, to Woolhampton in Berkshire.

Though we no longer run a school Douai monks still serve in parishes throughout England. At the monastery itself we welcome guests on retreats or courses, as well as those who seek merely some quiet. There are facilities for conferences, and for youth and chaplaincy groups. Our library and archive houses a rich resource for study and research, and is open to researchers and students. Occasionally we host a number of sacred concerts by leading performers.

However, the primary work of the monks is the regular celebration of the sung Divine Office and the Mass, and all our liturgical worship is open to the public. While this website explains our life, history and vocation in greater depth, you are always welcome to come and see.

Should there be craftsmen in the monastery, let them exercise their crafts with all humility and reverence, if the Abbot so commands. But if one of them grows proud because of the knowledge of his craft, in that he seem to confer some benefit on the monastery, let such a one be taken away from this craft and not practice it again, unless perchance, after he has humbled himself, the Abbot may bid him resume it.

Rule of St Benedict, ch 57
Monk, by young American artist Gaelen Mibeck
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